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Hi all! Bonjour! I’m AH and I am obsessed with reading. I read all kinds of books, but my favorites are paranormal romance and urban fantasy. What is it about those vampires and shapeshifters? Lately, I seem to be reading a lot of dystopian books as well. Are zombies the new vampire? I hope not.

I have 3 boys – all reluctant readers so I tend to read a lot of young adult books aimed at boys. I want them to catch the reading bug too!

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts about books with you. Hope we can discover some great reads together. Here is my Goodreads profile and my Twitter profile.



I am a mom of 4 younger children and I work full time in corporate America. I spent 9.5 years in college and graduate school reading what was assigned to me. My current career requires me to read other people’s writing, pick apart their arguments and find holes in what they are asserting. All. Day. Long. I need to escape from all that!

I read any genre, any type of fiction and non-fiction – as long as it is on my e-reader or the audio is loaded up on my MP3 player, then I will read it.

I have a teenage daughter who loves young adult themed dystopia and science fiction books; together we have fun picking out books to read and discuss. I also spend quite a bit of time reading middle grade and juvenile aged chapter books to my three youngest children. And then there are the more adult focused books that I read on my own – science fiction, urban fantasy, fantasy, speculative fiction, post-apocalyptic, historical and historical romance, contemporary romance, erotica, literary fiction, romantic suspense, and non-fiction. Here is my Goodreads profile and my Twitter profile.


Hi everyone, I’m Christal. I am married to a wonderful guy and work in the education field. Reading is my preferred hobby and I never leave home without a book or my e-reader. I will read any book that catches my eye, but my favorite genres are urban fantasy, paranormal romance, fantasy, steam punk, historical fiction, and dystopian/post apocalyptic. My books are slowly taking over my house and can be found in just about every room. My dream is to have a custom library room for them all, complete with the perfect window seat for spending the day lost in a book.

My Goodreads profile can be found here.


I’ve been married to the love of my life for 10+ years – I’m living my HEA! I’m Hispanic and English is my second language; sometimes I can’t believe that other people actually understand what I write.

I’m a very eclectic reader so I tend to switch genres after every book. I read pretty much everything – mystery, fantasy (epic and urban both), romance, young adult, historical fiction and much more. I usually have two books going at a time: one ebook and one audiobook. That’s how I maximize my reading time…as if it needed maximizing! As it is, I spend most of my free time reading or with my husband. I’ve been trying to find a way to read while I sleep but I haven’t figured it out yet. I keep trying though!

My dream job is to be first base coach – all they do is stand in first base and slap men in the butt! Sadly, they tend to give those jobs to former baseball players so I’m not sure I stand a chance. But I keep dreaming…


Howdy! My name is Ronnie although I often go by Readsalot81 on various forums and blogs. Besides being a daveyherder of cats and a hoarder of books, I reside and make my living in sunny Southern California.  I read pretty widely, although mostly from fiction these days. I love romance, young adult, fantasy – epic and urban, science fiction as well as mystery and suspense.

If I’m not reading, I can be found binge watching tv shows on netflix, volunteering at my local animal shelter, or exploring different places in Southern California.

I can be found on Twitter or Goodreads.


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