Wildfire Gospel by Kenya Wright (early review)

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Wildfire Gospel

Title: Wildfire Gospel
Author: Kenya Wright
Series: Santeria Habitat
Book #: 3
Expected publication: December 19th 2013 by Dragonfairy Press

Other Books in Series:
Fire Baptized, book 1
The Burning Bush, book 2

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#1- Set Dante on fire until he’s nothing but smoke and ash.

#2- Find Nona and Mother Earth, tie them to a tree, and create the biggest bonfire Santeria has ever seen.

#3- Find out if there is anybody higher in Mother Earth’s psychotic chain of command.

#4- Burn anybody else to a crisp if they get in my fucking way.

Lanore destroys her old beliefs of nonviolence. Flames of revenge now fuel her movements forward. Too many of her loved ones have died, and she’s done shedding tears. Sadly, she can’t boil Dante’s blood just yet. He has the resources to help her and Zulu. Discovering Mother Earth’s whereabouts is proving more difficult than expected. She’s not what they thought she was. She’s something more.

Meanwhile, Lanore’s father is missing. Normally, that wouldn’t trigger stress, but whispers are spreading around the habitat like a wildfire. A Demon with feline eyes and fire-spotted cheetah skin appeared at the Masquerade Ball right after MeShack was killed. Lanore hopes her father will have some answers.

Is this Demon only a coincidence? Is Lanore just grasping at a last bit of hope that somehow MeShack is alive, or should she face the truth of his death?[/box]

Michelle’s Review – 5 Skulls – A

I have reviewed Fire Bapitized, book 1 in this series, and so did my fellow blogger Regina. That should tell you how good book 1 is. We both loved book 1 enough that we reviewed it individually for the blog. I also reviewed book 2, The Burning Bush, in the same series on this blog. I have raved about how well the books are written, how the story keeps the readers engaged from beginning to end and how the author, Kenya Wright, holds nothing back in creating this outstanding believable world in her urban fantasy. I talked about how I enjoyed book 1, but thought book 2 was even better (though I wanted to scream at the ending). Well everything has changed. Why?

Wildfire Gospel is incredible. It simply kicked ass and it is the best in the series. However, Kenya Wright fucked up. How the hell am I supposed to review the book? Anyone who read book 2 knows something bad happens at the end. How the hell am I supposed to say anything without ruining the surprise? So, Kenya, did you think about your reviewers when you devised your evil plan while writing book 2? I think not. Oh well. I guess I will just have to convince people to read it regardless.

Read this series….

If you love a good, well written story,
with vampires that do not sparkle,
shape shifters that eat first and ask questions later,
a skin collecting dad that can’t remember why he wasn’t suppose to torture you,
and a heroine that has no problem lighting your ass on fire if you piss her off or hurt the people she loves.

If this series doesn’t sound interesting to you, something is wrong and well, you need to read it anyways.

Kenya Wright is a talented writer that deserves more readers and the only thing you’ll regret after reading this series, is that you waited so long to start it.

Rating:  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠ 

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