When Blood Calls, by J.K Beck

2.5 stars D Rating

This story had a lot of promise.

The Pro’s: Good World Building, Not overly descriptive, paced pretty well. Interesting Secret arm of the government, sort of like Men in Black 🙂

Con’s: Shallowly written characters, instant Love, Not overly original concept, and some confusion on terms (Like Numen)

The cover is gorgeous.

The book was just OK for me. Nothing overly fresh about it. The plot was OK, pretty predictable. The differening Point of Views (which normally do bother me) added to the story, altho sometimes it felt like the author just used it to not have to develop her {main} characters further. I would have liked more introspection on Sara and Luke. I didn’t really feel the love, nor could I figure out WHY they felt the ‘pull’ are they soul mates? That kind of thing?

I would likely read more of this series, but it is not on my “must buy the day it comes out!” more like, “Herm… I need something to read. I guess this will suffice

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