Unholy Magic, by Stacia Kane

Downside Ghosts Series

What a disturbingly addictive series. Chess is a freaking mess. This is a dark, dirty, seductive and very disturbing Urban Fantasy series. It’s almost hard to read. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart. I get very uncomfortable reading about the drug use. The drugs are an integral part of Chess, the world and the story. Part of me hates it. hates reading about it, hates thinking about it, and hates that Chess is so addicted to it. The other part of me is fascinated. Fascinated that Chess is a somewhat functioning person… Gosh. Terrible. Man. I feel for Terrible. And Chess really, but you do reap what you sew. Lex, well, sure he itches a scratch, but Chess needs to sober up, grow up, deal with some of her issues and take charge or her life.. Drugs are not the answer!!
Can’t wait to read the next one

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