Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane

Stacia Kane
UnHoly Ghosts

 This was an interesting debut book for her new series. I really thought the world and concept were original and interesting. I find I was intrigued by Chess aka Cesaria Putnam. This book had a lot going for it, but I was really bugged with all the drug use. It was extreme, and hard to read and hard for me to figure out how on earth Chess could function while she is snorting lines, popping uppers, downers, speed, and hitting the pipes. I understand that she is a flawed character, but it was too much.

I could understand a casual usage, in the world of the book, but her usage far surpassed addiction. I also feel like she didn’t grow at all. It doesn’t seem as if she feels there is a problem with her drug use. I wonder if this is going to be a steady theme in the books to follow, or will chess eventually deal with her emotional trauma and grow up and get clean?

The men in her life, Aside from their weird names, which I always find terribly funny (har de har har) were named Terrible and Lex. I liked Terrible. I find I kinda liked Lex. But it felt like there was some sex thrown in for good reading measure. It didn’t feel necessary to the story. I also felt bad for terrible and how she treated and acted to him while she was so far gone on drugs.

Overall, I find myself intrigued with the world, but feeling rather unsettled by the amount of drug use. I’m not sure if I would buy the future books, but if they were free I would read them. We’ll see when they come out. I’m all for flaws and growth when it comes to characters. 

Overall, I gave this book 3 out of 5 Stars

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