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  We’ve noticed a trend in many young adult books where the hunky immortal character goes back to high school. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to high school and if I were immortal, that certainly would not be the first place I would check into. So our question to you, dear reader is —
If you were 17 and immortal  – what would  you do with your life? Would you return to high school again and again?
PROs —
  • High school girls are easily impressed
  • Easy pickings – a walking buffet if you are a vampire
  • If you go to high school enough, you’ll get great marks
  • You’re obviously rich enough (due to compound interest) to arrive at school in style in a fancy car and clothes
  • You’ve had years to practice the best pick up lines
Books that have an immortal going to high school – Twilight, Pretty Dead, Hex Hall, Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods, House of Night, Vampire Diaries, Evermore, Fallen, Hush, Hush, ETC ETC
CONs —
  • School rules
  • Can’t drink legally, even if you are 107 years old.
  • have you noticed in books where the immortal goes back to school, he/she wears only the best designer clothing? Way not to fit in..,
  • Tedium and boredness, you have to act dumb
  • You’d have to change schools a lot


  • what is the actual appeal of falling in love with a teen? the innocence, the Stupidity or Immaturity?
    the virginity – although that is debatable in high school
  • I think a teen falls in love hard – it’s a first love.
  • so maybe the immortal hero likes the idea of being the teen heroine’s first?
why go back to high school?
  • maybe it depends on when the hero died
    like edward could pull off 17 because he was young when he died
    maybe an immortal who died at 22 would go for the college route
  • no more jersey shore? “Oh come on, they cancelled my favorite show! fuck me,what will I do now? I know…got to high school for some drama”
  • I’d understand college – all those girls looking for a good time….
  • I mean there is a larger pool of more willing people out there in a college rather than a high school. And high schools have way more rules than college.
  • I wish an author would come in & explain why she put her immortal in HS
      because that’s a great freaking question
So a question for our blog readers:
So one day you wake up and poof you’re immortal. You go to your local high school and register then you…
AH: You find the most innocent, loneliest girl and pretend to dislike her immensely
Lethal: Have a flashy car with a license plate that says IMMORTZ

Erika: snickers the car would be a cherry red convertible 😆  sorry im late in my jokes

Now, as an immortal, you would have access to a lot of $$ due to compound interest….How would you invest said $$ or show it off?
  • Flashy clothes
  • Flashy Ride
  • Flashy crib
  • Latest and greatest Technology and gadgets
  • Stock Portfolio — cuz nothing says I”m just a lowly teenager like a stock portfolio 😛
  • you’d have bagged blood/raw meat/ambrosia in the glove compartment Like the cool shit from Pimp My Ride

What do you think guys? Why the heck would anyone want to go back to high school???

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  • Obviously, if I were immortal, I'd be hanging out in the school hallways. I mean seriously. Stale french fries and cold pizza with plastic-y cheese…where else can you get such exquisite cuisine? Aside from that, I can't get enough teen drama. Adults are too forgiving. I'd want to be part of the I-hate-you-today-maybe-I'll-love-you-foreever-again-tommorrw BS. And the teachers! Woah. Why would I ever pass up the opportunity to relive hours upon hours of staring at my pencil on my desk daydreaming I was anywhere but there.

    On second thought…College. Definitely college. Lots of co-eds with questionable morals and insatiable curiosity. I could do some damage on a campus and actually learn something I hadn't already learned twenty times over. Colleges offer a variety of classes in, like, everything. Given that as a mundane chica, I spent 10 years in college, I'm guessing as an immortal, I'd go for the Guinness book of world records.
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  • I HAVE WONDERED THIS FOREVER. If you're going to go back to high school, at least go to PARIS, not some freaky SMALL TOWN where everyone is CRAZY. WTF?
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  • If I were immortal – and loaded – the only reason I'd go to high school would be if my parents were immortal too, and made me. (Which raises the very interesting point…what if you're forever 17? Do your parents get to boss you around FOREVER?) However, since I'd be RICH, I'd obviously pay off students to do my work for me, so I could sneak off to my secret cabin on the mountain (or house on the beach; I'm not picky) and spend "school" hours practicing my wicked vices…and read. Because I suspect immortality is the only way I will EVER get through my TBR.

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  • If I were immortal, after I had run out of interesting things to do, I might consider going back to high school simply to harass the "mean girl" cliques and bully the bullies. I could see where that might be entertaining.
    I agree with you though, it is rather strange when you consider the vast age differences and the fact that one is still basically a child. Creepy. I think I read in one book that the immortal is still emotionally the age that they are physically. That would suck hugely to be stuck in teenage angst FOREVER!!
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