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Release Day Review: Scythe by Neal Shusterman

I love Neal Shusterman. I mean, honestly. I wish I could poke around in his brain in an attempt to figure out how he comes up with these things. I remember reading something once about how Stephen King is amazing because he just has all these bizarre stories marinating in his head, just waiting to be plucked out and put on paper. It’s true of King, it’s also very true of Neal Shusterman. He just has this way of taking real world topics and approaching them in such new and thought provoking ways.

Badass Best of 2015: Wendy’s Top 10 List

I thought, when I started compiling this list, that I would have too many great books for just one list of 10. When I started looking through all my reads from 2015, I realized that a lot of the books I thought would stick with me really didn’t, and the books that I thought were forgettable ended …