Should You Read This Series? Carsington Brothers by Loretta Chase

should you read this seriesThere are so many published series out there and I know you wonder…which ones are worth the read? In this feature, we tell you which series you should start and which ones you shouldn’t. As a ground rule, series in this feature must have at least 3 books published and the reviewer must have read more than half the series. If you want us to feature a series in the future, please ask in the comments.

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SERIES: Carsington Brothers by Loretta Chase

GENRE: Historical Romance

2010-miss-wonderful2010-mr-impossible2010-lord-perfectnot quite a ladylast night's scandal

SERIES STATUS: Finished (supposedly)
D.G. HAS READ: 5/5

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What Is This Series About? The author’s original plan for the Carsington series was “a trilogy dealing with the three pesky younger sons, and their father’s machinations to get them married to rich girls.” However, things didn’t work exactly as planned and Ms. Chase ended up writing five books. Still, that’s pretty much the premise of the series. Like most historical romance, the books are only loosely related so you can skip a few if needed or start with the best one (#2).

Why Should You Read It? If you want a series that will make you laugh and sigh at the same time, don’t go any further. These are among the funniest historical romance rompes you’ll ever ever read. They are full of witty dialogue, adventure and heartfelt romance. These are the type of romance where the reader is sure each couple is perfect for each other. The first book is just average – could be skipped if necessary – but Mr. Impossible is an absolute MUST. Rupert, the hero, is one of the most original heroes in all of romance (definitely in my Top 5.) A cheerful troublemaker, he’s renowned for his brawn and not his brain. Then in Lord Perfect, his perfect older brother falls for a totally unsuitable woman.

The Audiobooks: This series is not available in audio yet but the author is working on getting them there.

Series Tips: Only books 2, 3 & 5 need to be read in order. The other two books are just average and could be skipped if necessary.

Series Publication Order
1. Miss Wonderful
2. Mr. Impossible
3. Lord Perfect
4. Not Quite a Lady
5. Last Night’s Scandal

Prices: You can find most Kindle ebooks in the series for $5.98 and up.

Series Rating:  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠ 

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  • This was the series that broke through my reluctance to even consider reading historical romance. I had thought I’d find it schmaltzy and insipid, and stuck to the sub genres of UF, PNR and contemporary romances, with a healthy side of erotic romance, thank you very much. I think that it was Lord Perfect that I started with, followed by Mr. Impossible and then a related novel, Lord of Scoundrels. That led to still others by Chase, then the historicals by Lisa Kleypas, Mary Balogh, Eloisa James…and eventually to the Dean of historical romance, Georgette Heyer.

    I love to glom through series, and the world building of the good historical romance writers feeds my craving to a T.

    Thanks for this article and the others about great series. You’ve given me a lot of super tips.