Review: Wedding Favors by Anne Tenino

Wedding FavorsWedding Favors by Anne Tenino
Book #7 in the Bluewater Bay Series
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: April 13th, 2015
Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Lucas Wilder’s best friend is a traitor. First, Audrey moved back to their hick-infested hometown, Bluewater Bay, and now she’s marrying a local. His own brother, in fact. And as her Man of Honor, Lucas gets coerced into returning for an extended stay. Although, between his unfaithful ex-boyfriend and his artist’s block, going home isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Even if the Best Man is Gabriel Savage, Lucas’s first crush, first hookup, and first heartbreak.

The only reason Gabe hasn’t been waiting for Lucas to return to Bluewater Bay is because he never thought it’d happen. Not that it matters now that Lucas is back—Gabe’s still a logger who’s never been anywhere (Canada doesn’t count), and Lucas is now a famous sculptor who’s been everywhere twice. Plus, there’s that shared past.

When Audrey asks Lucas to make her wedding favors, the only place to set up a kiln is at Gabe’s tree farm. Soon, they pick up where they left off twelve years before, then blow past it, discovering why neither of them forgot the other. Now they have to choose how much of their history they’ll repeat, and what future they’ll make together.


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Wendy’s Review

I know that Wedding Favors is only my second read by Anne Tenino so far, but darn if I didn’t really like it!  I mean, if I’m being fair here I can’t say that there was anything super deep or intense.  There wasn’t any earth shattering characters or a mind blowing plot.  What it had was two cute guys with good chemistry falling in love, and sometimes what could be better than that?!

Plot-wise, a lot of drama and heartache could have been saved if Lucas and Gabe had just talked to each other about their current situation AND their history.  Like human beings are always open and honest about where they’re at emotionally, right?.  We’re especially closed off if we anticipate that the truth will only lead to more hurt.  None of the actions, I thought, were unrealistic and it all led to a happy ending so I was a happy reader.

Lucas’s ‘craft’ or what normal people call artwork was spectacular.  I would love to have been able to manifest his sculptures in the real world and bring them home.  I think it was really creative of Anne Tenino to put so much thought into the type of art that Lucas created.  (Puzzle sculptures, man that’s brilliant.  I want that darn horse!)

I think the only aspect of the story that I didn’t enjoy was the character Audrey.  Speaking frankly, she was a bitch.  She wasn’t very nice, and in particular I didn’t think she was very nice to Lucas.  There’s a fine line between cute/funny snark and just a straight up meany-head.  Audrey was a meany-head.

In closing, I enjoyed Wedding Favors.  It doesn’t hold a candle to Too Stupid to Live but it definitely showed me that Anne isn’t a one trick pony, and I’m eager to try another one of her books.

Thank you to Riptide Publishing and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  1/2 = C+

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  • That’s too bad, but one thing I realized with M/M romances is that they often contain loads of drama. Sometimes I don’t mind it, but sometimes I do. Have you read Try? That one has PLENTY of it (and too many sex scenes for my taste). But Captive Prince for example is my favorite series and the plot’s pretty intense and dramatic. But whatever, I still love it and plan on re-reading it for a third time. ^^
    Lola @ Hit or Miss Books recently posted..Review: Carry the Ocean (The Roosevelt #1) by Heidi CullinanMy Profile

    • For me I find that M/M has less drama than a M/F romance, but yeah I agree, the genre is heavy on drama/angst. Though, in this one it bothered me less than others. I haven’t heard of Try. I’m going to go look it up, though I try not to read seriously angsty books.

      Also, heck yes to Captive Prince! That is intense and dramatic, but it’s not petty drama and I think that makes all the difference!