Review: Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

Ride SteadyRide Steady by Kristen Ashley
Book #3 in Chaos
Genre: Contemporary/MC Romance
Publication Date: June 30th, 2015
ARC provided by Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing

Synopsis from Goodreads: The ride of her life . . .
Once upon a time, Carissa Teodoro believed in happy endings. Money, marriage, motherhood: everything came easy—until she woke up to the ugly truth about her Prince Charming. Now a struggling, single mom and stranded by a flat tire, Carissa’s pondering her mistakes when a vaguely familiar knight rides to her rescue on a ton of horsepower.

Climb on and hold tight . . .
In high school, Carson Steele was a bad boy loner who put Carissa on a pedestal where she stayed far beyond his reach. Today, he’s the hard-bodied biker known only as Joker, and from the way Carissa’s acting, it’s clear she’s falling fast. While catching her is irresistible, knowing what to do with her is a different story. A good girl like Carissa is the least likely fit with the Chaos Motorcycle Club. Too bad holding back is so damned hard. Now, as Joker’s secrets are revealed and an outside threat endangers the club, Joker must decide whether to ride steady with Carissa—or ride away forever . . .

Angie’s Review – 4.5 Skulls – A

Reading Ride Steady was like old home week for me. I have several Kristen Ashley books under my belt, but the start to this series, Own the Wind, was my first KA book, and it, along with the series, is one of my favorites of hers.

I loved Joker and Carissa. Joker, for a KA book, is what I’d call alpha-lite. He was more supportive than heavy handed, and what I liked best about him was that despite his terrible past, he had grown up and moved on, living a fully functional (if unfulfilling) life. He wasn’t one to hang onto things, except for the torch he was carrying for Carissa. Carissa was a single mom struggling to get by, but her son came first, and she worked her butt off to make sure he had everything he needed. She was in dire straits with an ex-husband who was putting the screws to her, but she never felt sorry for herself. She just did what she had to do and kept going. It’s no secret that I love second chance love stories, and this one was beautifully written. Any angst took place ‘way back when,’ but years later, Carissa and Joker weren’t able to fight the pull that had always been between them. This steered us into trademark KA love scenes – steamy and plentiful!

There are things you have to reconcile with yourself before you dive into a Kristen Ashley book – the heroes won’t always speak in complete sentences and her books are super long. But man, she really knows how to bring it, and Ride Steady is proof of that. Her books are so detailed you find yourself immersed in the story before you know it, and these are love stories you can believe in. No one week fairytale here. These relationships take years to grow and solidify. There’s never a dull moment, and before you realize it, you’ve stayed up all night to get your fix.

While you don’t have to have read the previous books in this series or Motorcycle Man (this series is a spin-off from MM,) it will definitely enhance your reading experience, as there are several recurring characters throughout these books. I am looking forward to reading more of this series, particularly Rush’s book. (Is an older woman/younger man story too much to hope for? ;)) If you’re a fan of this author, Ride Steady is not to be missed. If you’ve never read her before and are thinking of giving her a go, this book captures just how special her writing is. It would be a great place to start!

Rating: ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  + ½

Series Reading Order:
1. Own the Wind
2. Fire Inside
3. Ride Steady
4. Walk Through Fire (Expected Publication: October 27th, 2015)

Thank you to GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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