Review: Duke of Scandal by Gaelen Foley

Duke of ScandalDuke of Scandal by Gaelen Foley
Book #1 in Moonlight Square
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date: October 13th, 2015
ARC provided by the author

Synopsis from Goodreads: Jason Hawthorne, the Duke of Netherford, made it clear to the young, lovesick Felicity Carvel long ago that nothing could ever happen between them. He has earned his reputation as the Duke of Scandal–and she’s his best friend’s little sister. For honor’s sake, he vows to stay away from the lovely innocent. But six years of the wealthy libertine’s life have left Jason empty and jaded, while Felicity has blossomed into a strong, beautiful woman, ripe for love and marriage.

When a sudden windfall makes her one of the most sought-after heiresses in London, chased all over Town by fortune-hunters, Jason knows he must keep the rogues at bay until her brother returns from his dangerous mission abroad. Unfortunately, the scandalous attraction between them has only grown to a searing intensity. Deep down, Felicity still wants Jason for her own. But after getting her heart broken once before by Naughty Netherford, does she dare attempt to play with fire again–and this time, can Jason resist?

Angie’s Review – 2 Skulls – D

I feel like a broken record lately, because I’ve said this about so many authors whose works I’ve enjoyed, but this book just didn’t do it for me. Duke of Scandal was about a man who, out of years of neglect from both his parents, sought love between the sheets with half the ton, and the woman who sets out to tame him. This plot isn’t something that I usually have an issue with, and I think why it didn’t work for me here is that neither Jason nor Felicity were particularly likable.

As far as the pacing goes, this book felt slow. I really miss the intrigue and suspense from Foley’s previous works, as I think that’s where she excels. This was just run-in after run-in between Jason and Felicity, and with all the games Felicity was playing, it felt juvenile. I think the shared history between the characters was relied on too heavily to account for their current attraction, which is something I’ve noticed a lot in recent second chance romances. If past events are going play such a prominent role in the present, then that past needs to be fleshed out for me to buy it. Ultimately, Jason and Felicity’s relationship felt forced to me. I wasn’t sure what either of them saw in the other, but I was convinced they got what they deserved when they chose to be together. Aside from each other, they appeared to have few interests or aspirations.

One thing that was a huge problem for me…

Hey people? This is a spoiler--Fair Warning!

Also, some of the language of this book as too modern to be indicative of the time period.

I loved One Moonlit Night, the prequel novella to this story, but Duke of Scandal wasn’t a win for me. Because I liked the prequel, and because the hero of the next book (Duke of Rivenwood) stole every scene he was in in this one, I’ll be checking out the next book in the series.

Rating: ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠ 

Series Reading Order
0.5. One Moonlight Night
1.0. Duke of Scandal
2.0. Duke of Secrets (Publication date unknown)

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