Review: Body and Soul by Jordan Castillo Price


Body and Soul(PsyCop #3)

by Jordan Castillo Price

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Regina’s Review – 3 Stars – B-

 This is a short review, for a solid and decent book in the very fun PsyCop series. If you haven’t read any book in this series yet, please check out my reviews of the first two books in this series Among the Living and Criss Cross.  I am a fan of Jordan Castillo Price’s and of this series, but this book was just good — not great; however, it is good and it is worth the read.  It felt like a bridge book, but having read further on in the series I can say that key things do happen in this book that are important. 

JCP is great about pushing the line in her urban fantasy world.  Ever wonder if lost limbs leave ghostly trails?  If a person has lost a hand, or a leg — will its former limb appear as a ghost?  JCP answers that question in this book in a gruesome yet funny scene in which Vic is meeting Jacob’s family for the first time.  In addition to the stress of attempting to impress his boyfriend’s family, Vic is not using his prescription meds to dull his psychic senses (which the poor guy desparately relies on) and thus has to ignore the ghostly limb, while attempting to be coherent and friendly to his boyfriend’s family — all while sober.

“I avoided looking at the spot where Leon’s arm was flopping around on the table.”

And as Vic laments to Jacob (after Vic flees the scene),

“I am trying hard to be a decent boyfriend but I think I might not be cut out for it.”

 Body and Soul brings Vic and Jacob closer together.  With the typical introspective but witty inner dialogue that Vic employs, the reader is treated to Vic and Jacob’s developing relationship.

There is a decent mystery storyline and a cop investigation that is horror filled and gruesome.  This book is a fun and quick read.  Like the previous two books in the series, there is something about it that encourages compulsive behavior and I was not able to put it down — I had to immediately go on to the next in the series.  But despite the addicting effect, Body and Soul is not the best book in the series, it is not great but it is good.  You will not be sorry you read it and you will learn some important things about Vic and Jacob together as a couple.  Body and Soul leads straight in to the fourth book in the series — Secrets, which in my opinion is the best book thus far in PsyCop. 

Rating:  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠ 

Ms. Price has written a number of books in this series, the main novels and novellas are for sale, but she offers the in between short stories free (for the most part) on her website: 

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