Reread Review! The Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima

The Demon KingThe Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima
Series: The Seven Realms #4
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: October 23rd 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads: A thousand years ago, two young lovers were betrayed-Alger Waterlow to his death, and Hanalea, Queen of the Fells, to a life without love.

Now, once again, the Queendom of the Fells seems likely to shatter apart. For young queen Raisa ana’Marianna, maintaining peace even within her own castle walls is nearly impossible; tension between wizards and Clan has reached a fevered pitch. With surrounding kingdoms seeking to prey on the Fells’ inner turmoil, Raisa’s best hope is to unite her people against a common enemy. But that enemy might be the person with whom she’s falling in love.

Through a complicated web of lies and unholy alliances, former streetlord Han Alister has become a member of the Wizard Council of the Fells. Navigating the cut-throat world of blue blood politics has never been more dangerous, and Han seems to inspire hostility among Clan and wizards alike. His only ally is the queen, and despite the perils involved, Han finds it impossible to ignore his feelings for Raisa. Before long, Han finds himself in possession of a secret believed to be lost to history, a discovery powerful enough to unite the people of the Fells. But will the secret die with him before he can use it?

A simple, devastating truth concealed by a thousand-year-old lie at last comes to light in this stunning conclusion to the Seven Realms series.

Wendy’s Review – 5 Skulls – A+

Why I love this series

#1 – It is so refreshing to read a series that is written with realism, even in the Fantasy genre.  All of the characters in this series showed character growth, and even better, it was in a completely believable way.  In the first book, The Demon King, Raisa and Han read as teenagers.  They thought and reacted in a way that felt young, like they are navigating their way and learning about being adults.  Every event that happened, every battle they fought or mountain they climbed, strengthened them.  They learned from it and reached the next level of maturity.  In The Crimson Crown  the Raisa and Han you were reading had grown up exponentially.  The books span only 2 years, but the circumstances over those two years marked them permanently.   In the beginning Han was funny and endearing; in the end I had no qualms about having fallen in love with his character and it was all because of how strong and adult he became.  Even in my reread I couldn’t stop thinking about how well the author orchestrated this growth.

#2 – I can not stress enough how much it annoys me when an author relies to heavily on distrust in order to add conflict to a story.  I’m not saying that trust should never be used in story development.  Obviously there are situations where it would be unbelievable if the characters trusted when they shouldn’t.  With that said, in this series, I absolutely love that no matter the evidence against them Raisa and Han refused to doubt each other.  It reminded me a bit of the relationship between Todd and Viola in the Chaos Walking trilogy, which is another of my favorite relationships.  It’s beautiful and rare.

#3 – The world!  In particular, I loved the idea of the Spirit Clans.  I’ve never read a fantasy series that brings in concepts very similar to Native American history.  Also, the dual types of magic, High magic and Green magic, the wizards vs the Clans.  (I think both sides aided in creating the characters of Han Alister and Hayden Fire Dancer, two of my favorites.)

#4 – Which leads me to the characters.  All of them were well developed and I love them.  It wasn’t just Raisa and Han, the two main characters.  Reading about Dancer and Cat, Willo and Bird… there were a host of characters that stood out on their own.

This is a series and a final book that makes it hard to pick up anything afterwards, it just makes you want to just cradle it and remember.  I’m never ready to let these characters go.  I really hope we get more.

Rating: ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠ 

Series Reading Order:
1. The Demon King
2. The Exiled Queen
3. The Gray Wolf Throne
4. The Crimson Crown

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  • This is one of my favorite YA fantasy series EVER. I had read Chima’s other series (The Heir Chronicles), and I thought I loved it . . . I thought I loved it until I got a hold of this series. HAN. The Seven Realms showed me was Chima-love REALLY looked like. I’m going to Dragon Con in a few months, and she’s going to be there (!!!). I’ll definitely be asking her if she’s got anything else planned for this world, and I will definitely let you know 😉
    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted..Review: The Good, the Bad, and the UndeadMy Profile

    • I’ve started Heir Chronicles but right now I’ve only read the first one. Right off the bat it didn’t hit me like Demon King did, but it was good so I’ll keep going. Seven Realms and Lumatere Chronicles are my two favorite Fantasy series in both YA and in Adult, haha. I love them both so much. I agree Han is simply amazing!

      I’d love to go to Dragon Con! Georgia isn’t so far away from Michigan so maybe someday! Definitely come back and tell me all about it!

  • Wow, this isn’t a book I’d heard of before but your review definitely made me want to read it. Like you, my favorite books are the ones where the lead couple actually trusts each other and doesn’t hide things from each other. Since so many romance books are based on the Big Misunderstanding to breate conflict, it’s really hard to find ones that show real trust. I’m just reading the third book in Jenn Bennett’s Arcadia Bell series, and that’s one of the things that I love about it, that Lon and Cady actually trust each other. Same thing with my other favorites – the Kate Daniels series, both of Patricia Briggs series, and the Night Huntress series.

    • Yay! Thanks! I love hearing that I’ve convinced someone to check out an amazing book!

      This was the fourth and final book in the series, so definitely check out the first book before you pick up this one, The Demon King. I hope you like it as much as I do.