Re-Release Review: Nice Girls Don’t Ride by Roni Loren

21 Nice Girls Don't RideNice Girls Don’t Ride by Roni Loren
Genre: New Adult Novella
Re-Release Date: Apr 21, 2015
ARC Provided by Berkley/NAL and Netgalley

Natalie Bourne thinks she has the perfect night planned for her twenty-first birthday. But when her car breaks down and her boyfriend bails on her, she’s left stranded in an auto shop dealing with a way too cocky, way too hot mechanic, who seems to be intent on pushing every button she has.

Monroe Hawkins knows he shouldn’t be messing with a girl from the uppity private college. Especially when he can tell she sees him as the help. But he’s having trouble resisting the redhead with the smart mouth and the killer legs. So when Natalie’s night goes from bad to worse, there’s no way he’s letting her spend her birthday alone. He makes her a deal—he’ll take her home but not until the sun comes up.

Ten hours, one motorcycle, and the city of Austin at their fingertips…things are about to take a major detour. And soon, there may be no U-turn in sight.

D.G.’s Rating: 3.5 skulls = B

Nice Girls Don’t Ride was originally published as part of the Riding Desire Boxed Set, and it’s being re-released as a standalone novella. There was definitely promise here but I think it was too short to do the story justice.

Natalie meets Monroe when her car breaks down on the way with a date with her boyfriend. She’s all decked up and in the middle of nowhere, when Monroe shows up with a tow truck. He wasn’t the company she called but given that she’s been waiting for an hour, she takes the chance and goes with him. Natalie is pissed off at the situation so she shows her temper at Monroe. The reader doesn’t know it at the time but Natalie always acts “like a lady” around her boyfriend, but that’s not who she is. Maybe because of the way she met Monroe, she immediately feels comfortable enough to show her real personality, which Monroe likes even though she’s acting a bit high handed.

Soon enough, Natalie is boyfriendless and in the need for company on her birthday, which Monroe is happy to provide. The chemistry between them is immediate and things progress way farther that they probably should have, given that Natalie just broke up with her boyfriend. As they spend time together, they learn some things about each other and discover that their first impressions were wrong: Natalie is not the “uppity chick” he first thought and Monroe is more than a bad boy tattooed mechanic – I loved the choice the author made about his major (I wasn’t expecting that.) He has big dreams in store for his future and is willing to do everything to make them a reality:

And a reminder for me that dreams don’t wait. You have to chase them. Take your chances at happiness when you have them or you may not get more.”

I was surprised though, when the story didn’t end when the night was over. If the story was to continue pass that, I think it needed more development. What happened with her boyfriend made Natalie realize that she couldn’t change herself to please the man in her life, but her mommy issues needed more exploring.  I also didn’t like that we almost went from them having an amazing night together to months later when they were an established couple. I wish I could have seen the falling in love part, specially when it happened in such interesting circumstances.

Overall though, it was a cute novella and very sexy. I completely recommend it.

Thanks to Berkley/NAL and Netgalley for providing a review copy of this book.

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