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BadassBook Reviews welcomes Megan Hart today for an interview and a review of her new contemporary romance serial Every Part Of You.  We have had Megan Hart by before and it is no secret I am fascinated with her books. So I am very excited to ask her some more questions.  So first the books.

Every Part of You Tempts Me 1Every Part of You is a serial story in five parts: Tempts Me, Resists Me, Taunts Me, Denies Me, and Takes Me.  The beginning stories are approximately 40 pages long and the ending stories are longer. The five serials are one story which center on two individuals: Simone and Elliott.  I was hooked from the beginning and needed to move on to each installment one of the other, like eating something salty and sweet — but really satisfying. The thing about Megan Hart’s books is that they don’t follow a format; her books are never predictable.  Every Part of You introduces a heroine who is strong, independent and not afraid to seek out what she wants — and what she wants is not a fairy tale ideal.

From the beginning, as I said above, I was hooked.  I wanted more but really why I wanted more was because I loved the characters.  The story is told from the alternating point of views of Simone and Elliott. And what did I Every Part of You Resists Me 2want more of? Well Simone and Elliott! The story begins in an office building, workers quitting for the day, taking the elevator, seeing people they see every day going into work.  The set-up of the story intersected with my daily life so well, that I could imagine all of this.  I love how when I open up a Megan Hart book, I never know where the book will take me.  But I do, that I will enjoy the journey and learn something new.  Every Part of You is fun, very steamy and addictive.  It is romance erotica – but not typical, not average — at its best.

InterviewRegina: Every Part of You is being released as a serial over a period of weeks and months. Personally I was hooked with the first installment. So why a serial rather than a novel or a series?

Megan HartMegan: To me, a serial is a great way to explore a story within different format than a novel, which would be an entire story broken into chapters, or a series, which would be several novels or stories, each complete unto themselves. A romance serial is able to take each piece of the relationship journey and explore it while still maintaining an overall story arc. For readers who like that anticipation, it’s great. It’s also fun for readers who want to glom onto the entire serial upon its full release and binge read. Something for both types!

Regina: We have interviewed you before and discussed monogamy and the concept of happily ever after. This book is similar in how you write about adult relationships – you push the boundaries of what people often feel comfortable with in real life. Literature is the perfect place for this! Simone is not shy about wanting sex and doesn’t appear to be looking for long term – at least she hasn’t in the past. I am thinking of Simone’s regular sex partner (who has another woman in his life). Was this important background for who Simone is?

Megan:Yes, I think so. I think the idea of having someone in your life that you’ve loved and still love, and interact with sexually but don’t want to BE with…that’s intriguing to me. Someone you’re compatible with in many ways, but not someone you are in a committed relationship with. For Simone, her connection to Aidan isn’t just about the sex but about affection. Someone who understands her, what she needs and likes. Because she likes pain, there aren’t many men she can simply ask to hurt her. It’s not “normal.” What she finds in Aidan is comfortable, in many ways, even though it’s not perfect.

Every Part of You Taunts Me 3Regina: I loved the concept that Simone is confident in her sexuality and when she wants sex she pursues it. How did the concept of a woman watching a man develop with you? It seems that this is not how we usually visualize sexuality – men pursue and watch women.

Megan: …Um, because I like to watch? Haha! While not all my characters are based on me in any way, I do draw from personal experience or feelings sometimes. I wanted Simone to be confident in a way that isn’t as common a portrayal and yet, felt very natural to me. She knows what she wants. She goes after it. I love that!

Regina: So why isn’t Simone a physical ideal? Why make her an every woman? Personally I like that, I find it very refreshing and she was ultimately more relatable.

Megan: In my head, Simone is totally adorable. Petite, her own sense of fashion. Confident. She might not be an “ideal” in terms of being tall and blonde or something like that, but to me, she felt beautiful in her own way. As we all strive to be beautiful in our own ways. And yes, I did want her to be relatable. And likable!

Regina: Domination.  He wants to dominate but it scares him. She wants to be dominated during Every Part of You Denies Me 4sex and is not shy about it. Kind of a reversal isn’t it?

Actually, he doesn’t want to dominate and she doesn’t want to be dominated. Simone craves pain, not submission. Elliott likes to give pain, not necessarily to dominate. Sadism and masochism often go hand in hand with dominance and submission, but in this case, what they both like is the sting and barb of pain play. It’s a bit of a reversal in that we see a lot of stories about men encouraging women to explore their desire for BDSM play (usually in a submissive role) but not so often the other way around. But I’m not the only person to have done that! I just think it’s fun to switch it up a bit. And with Simone knowing exactly who she is and what she wants, it made sense to write them that way.

Regina: Thank you for the correction — I have to admit that I sent these questions in after I read just the first installment.  I now fully appreciate the reversal of what Simone and Elliott like and who wants it.  Every Part of You is not surprising and pushes boundaries.  I loved this serial.

So are you working on other projects? If so please share!

Megan: I’m always working on other projects. I’m finishing up a novella for Cosmo Red Hot Reads, as well as plotting my next book for Mira Spice. That one will be a full length novel about a dominant heroine who also knows what she likes!

Every Part of You Takes Me 5Regina: Do you anticipate writing more literary fiction? I really enjoyed your novel The Favor?

Megan: Thank you! I have another mainstream novel coming out this year called Lovely Wild, and will be writing at least one more literary novel. I’d love to write more. I love to write all kinds of things!

Regina: What is your preferred genre? Favorite authors?

Megan: I have to say my preferred genre is whatever I’m working on next. That’s always the bright and shiny idea. Until I start into it and then it’s a job! Haha. And we all know that it’s always more fun to do anything but your job. I have so many favorite authors, I couldn’t possibly list them all!
Thank you for having me!

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