Part One: Let’s talk about Sex… {baby}

Sorry, I had to post the video. We can’t be talking about sex without a little Salt N’ Pepa. You know you want to get up and dance.

I wanted to bring up a topic that some readers enjoy, and other readers can’t stand. The taboo subject of Sex.

This is spurred because I just finished the latest in Lorelei James’ Rough Riders series– Chasin’ Eights featuring hot cowboy and bull ridin’– Chase McKay.

In the past Ten or Fifteen years, sex has become more prevalent in fiction. It used to be that you could only read about sex in “bodice rippers”.  You know the ones I’m talking about. The illustrious covers with a female in a gown, with a male–probably behind her– groping her breasts and, for all intents and purposes, attempting to look passionate, but really coming off as a cave man. Now, don’t get me wrong– I don’t mind a little neanderthal he-manism, but the covers are so hokey. They did, however, pave the way for such genre’s as Romantic Suspense, Urban Fantasy and other such genre’s.

Now, I’m not saying that Bodice Rippers created these other genre’s. What I am saying is that it wasn’t like sex wasn’t in books, but it was in a certain type of book. Recently, with the explosions of Vampires, Demons, Angels, Werewolves and Shape-shifters, sex has become a staple in books.

{Yes! Fist pump!} Excuse me. Sorry. Got a little excited there.


It’s really rather embarrassing to be seen reading a “Bodice Ripper”. Everyone and their friends can tell by looking at one of these covers and know exactly what you are reading. Then you get labeled. Oh, they might not come out and say anything to your face, but you know what they are thinking. Most of it isn’t nice. She must not be getting any at home. She must be a tramp, she must be in-experienced or her husband can’t satisfy her– bla bla bla.

Now, however, you have sex in other types of books. Books that you don’t feel bad reading. Like kick-ass chic books of the Urban Fantasy variety. You know, chic holds pointy object, kills things and has a sex partner. Because nothing says kick ass chic like some down and dirty romping you know?

However, authors have free reign when it comes to what type of sex they write. Explicit, fade to black, off page or just talked about.

I like all types of these books, but I prefer a tasteful few pages of sex versus fade to black. I don’t mind explicit sex, but there are some words that just should never be used in a sex scene. However, Part Two of this little discussion will deal with this aspect.

I could keep going, but I want to hear from you. What type of sex do you like to read? Do you like sex? I mean, do you like sex in your books LOL. In a few days I will have another mini-discussion on words to avoid, and words we like while reading a sex scene.

I will be featuring authors during this time coming.. up.  Coming up. Geesh Ya’ll, get your minds out of the gutter!

Until Next time, and Part Two: Un-sexy Sex words






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  • Love your post.
    You are so right about people judging you by the cover of the books you read. I think that is one of the reasons people love ereaders. They don't have to worry about what others think of their reading choices.
    Personally, I also think sex scenes are a must but they must enhance the characterization or the plot in some way. I don't gratuitous sex in the books I read.

  • Sex scenes are a must! I wish authors would avoid technical terms like penis and vagina. I'd rather coarser words be used or the author be more inventive.

  • First of all, I'm going to have that Salt n Pepa song stuck in my head all day now! lol Wow, blast from the past. Anyway, I love sex in books and I'm not afraid to tell pretty much everyone who will listen haha. I love Nora Roberts and Heather Graham's sex scenes – they're tasteful but detailed enough to have me squirming and a little breathless. I don't mind down-and-dirty explicit, but I will admit to being completely turned off when a writer uses certain words which seem to crop up the more explicit the sex is. I also don't mind when sex is just alluded to, or where we get to read the foreplay but not about the actual sex – sometimes it's fun letting your imagination do the work. Love this topic!

  • I agree with Francesca, I'm pretty much open to anything & nothing really bothers me when it comes to sex scenes, unless it is REALLY super cheesy (CAME-ALOT Champaign *shakes head*). I want the details of the sex scene, if you can give me the blood, guts & gore in a UF then I think I can handle a good hard f**k 😉 don't cheat me by fading to black! On the flip side, I've read several books (LKH Merry Gentry series) where I feel like the lead character has sex with everyone & the entire book is one huge sex scene. Please, I need a little bit of plot mixed in with all that loving. Authors who find that perfect balance are huge winners IMO and I'll be a devoted fan for life!

  • You bring up such a valid point! I personally think that sex is part of life, and why should it be left out of a good book? Some author def can do it better than others, but I'm not too thrilled with the fade to black, as I am not over excited with a 10-page description that seems to never end. I used to have a problem with certain words, but I think I've been desensitized now almost nothing bothers me (within reason and respect) LOL