New Release Review: The Void by J.D. Horn

18 The VoidThe Void by J.D. Horn
Book #3 in Witching Savannah
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: November 18th 2014
ARC Provided by 47North and Netgalley

Synopsis from Goodreads: An otherworldly energy runs through the city of Savannah, betraying its sleepy, moss-cradled charm. The old, beguiling streets look welcoming to most…but certain families know what lurks under their genteel surfaces. Families like Mercy Taylor’s, which has the most powerful lineage of witches in the South, know this all too well.

Mercy and her husband, Peter, are happily preparing to welcome baby Colin into their lives. But their excitement quickly becomes overshadowed by a gruesome discovery: someone has scattered severed limbs throughout the city. After a troubling visit from an old foe, Mercy learns dark magic is at play, and someone—or something—wants her and her unborn child out of the picture. To uncover the shocking reason why, the amateur witch must face a force beyond her power…or risk losing everything.

The third book in J.D. Horn’s Witching Savannah series, The Void is a gripping adventure about the enchantment—and evil—that can lie just beyond sight.


Christal’s Review – 3 Skulls – C

I hate to say this, guys; I really do, but The Void kind of let me down.  I loved The Line and The Source so much and couldn’t wait to find out the conclusion to Mercy’s story, but The Void took us down a rabbit hole and I just didn’t buy it.

The first half of this book is great.  There was a mysterious killer leaving body parts all around the city; Maisie was waking up and showing her true colors; the witch families were still mucking about in Mercy’s life and there, was plenty of baby-daddy drama with Peter and his true heritage.  Even without the wonderful Jilo, the plot was churning along and I was very excited.  “Could this be a 5-star final installment?” I thought…  Then I hit the 50% mark.

Well, okay, that was unexpected but I can roll with it.  This is a pretty dark series and unexpected deaths are to be, well, expected.  But wait!  Bam, here’s something else you didn’t see coming.  I’m trying to avoid spoilers here, but the deaths led to another character leaving and then Mercy finding out something bad about her baby, which led to another character’s sacrifice.  Things just seemed so bleak and Mercy was just so beaten down that I didn’t know how she could have a happy ending.  I was still hanging in there though; I had to see Mercy to the end.

The plot was still rolling along and everything was making sense, even if it was very sad, but it lost me around the 85% mark.  What in the all and literal hell was that?  Things sped up and played out on different planes and with characters we thought were dead and then Mercy wasn’t Mercy but wait, now she is again… Timelines split and kind of made sense but then they were thrown back together again and forced to merge.  Things that happened in one timeline happened differently in the other, but Ginny was still murdered (the precipitating event of everything that happened in The Line) in the new timeline even though the motive was no longer there.  It just felt like everything I loved about Witching Savannah was retconned into something I no longer recognized.  There was just too much going on and I think J.D. Horn felt like he had to wrap every loose end up.  Unfortunately, everything became very convoluted and the ending was not the one I feel like Mercy deserved.

Ultimately, I did love this series and was enjoying The Void up until the ending.  I’m still feeling very conflicted about it, even weeks after reading it, but I don’t regret the time I invested in reading the books.


Rating: ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠ 

Series Reading Order:
1. The Line
2. The Source
3. The Void

Thank you to 47North and Netgalley for providing an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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