New Release Review: Mister O by Lauren Blakely

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00023]Mister O by Lauren Blakely
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 2, 2016
Audiobook Narrated by: Sebastian York

Just call me Mister O. Because YOUR pleasure is my super power.

Making a woman feel ‘oh-god-that’s-good’ is the name of the game, and if a man can’t get the job done, he should get the hell out of the bedroom. I’m talking toe-curling, mind-blowing, sheet-grabbing ecstasy. Like I provide every time. I suppose that makes me a superhero of pleasure, and my mission is to always deliver.

But then I’m thrown for a loop when a certain woman asks me to teach her everything about how to win a man. The only problem? She’s my best friend’s sister, but she’s far too tempting to resist–especially when I learn that sweet, sexy Harper, has a dirty mind too and wants to put it to good use. What could possibly go wrong as I give the woman I’ve secretly wanted some no-strings-attached lessons in seduction?

No one will know, even if we send a few dirty sexts. Okay, a few hundred. Or if the zipper on her dress gets stuck. Not on that! Or if she gives me those f*&k-me-eyes on the train in front of her whole family. The trouble is the more nights I spend with her in bed, the more days I want to spend with her out of bed. And for the first time ever, I’m not only thinking about how to make a woman cry out in pleasure –I’m thinking about how to keep her in my arms for a long time to come.

Looks like the real Adventures of Mister Orgasm have only just begun….

D.G.’s Rating: 3 stars = B-

I finished this book a week or so ago and I forgot a lot about it (I can’t even remember the heroine’s name.) Why isn’t this book very memorable? For the simple reason that there was no conflict. All Nick had to do to save himself some worry was to tell her: “I’m into you. Let’s date” Instead, he hems and haws throughout most of the book making up problems in his head. \

That said, the book was still enjoyable (and thus the 3 stars.) I think Ms. Blakely has potential as an author but she needs to kick her plots up a notch.

Things I liked
Both main characters: He was a cartoonist, she was a magician. He was a bit geekish, a self described “serial monogamist” and a nice guy overall.
Male POV: Humorous contemporary romances told exclusively from the hero’s POV have become more and more popular in the last few years. I still prefer the books from both the female and male POV but if I have to be in someone’s head, I definitely prefer the guy.
Set in New York: I’m a city dweller so I like romances where people fall in love (and stay) in the City. There are so few of them!
Narration: Sebastian York knows how to deliver those lines in that gravely voice that just says “I’m a wise-ass.” And his female voices have improved a lot!

Things I didn’t like
Trope – I confess that the “best friend’s little sister” trope is not among my favorites. (If my brother were to attempt to tell me who I can date, I’d kick him in the balls.) Now, it made sense for Nick to consider what would happen to his friendship if the relationship with the sister didn’t work out but the idea that he was “betraying” his friend because he was getting it on with his adult sister was totally ridiculous.
No conflict – Things could have been solved with one conversation. And the work issue at the end was solved too easily.
Wanted more proof of “O” skills – With a moniker like “Mr. Orgasm”, I would have liked to see him getting it on with multiple women and really see proof of his “O” skills, specially if the women liked different things in the bedroom. (Pleasuring the heroine doesn’t count for me as proof…I mean, you KNOW she was going to melt for him!)

Enjoyable read but no depth. Only pick this up if you’re looking for something light!

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