New Release Review: Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz

misbehavingNew Release Review: Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz
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Release date: February 11, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book provided by NetGalley and Harlequin

Synopsis from Goodreads: Wanted: Adventurous, open-minded man willing to try anything…

As a popular sex blogger, Beatriz gets paid to have orgasms. So being on deadline the week of her sister’s wedding isn’t as rough as it sounds. There’s just one hitch: Bea’s assignment is to write a review of a sex position manual, but she doesn’t have a plus one to play with.

The good news: Ben, the one who got away back in college, is also attending stag–and he’s as temptingly gorgeous as ever.

The bad news: Ben turned down Bea’s offer of graduation night sex five years ago.

The best news: He’s not planning on making the same mistake twice.

A red-hot retelling of Much Ado About Nothing for people who love Shakespeare but thought his plays could use a few more sex scenes.

AH’s Review – 4 Skulls – A-

What an amusing little read!

If you’re like me, you’re probably eagerly anticipating the next installment of Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners series. May is seriously a long way away. So what to do until the release of The Saint? Grab yourself a copy of Misbehaving. For those who are familiar with Ms. Reisz’s books, Misbehaving is a much lighter read with an emphasis on the comedy and some really hot sexy times.

Misbehaving draws its inspiration from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. It’s a comedy. It’s sexy. It’s fun. Expect crazy misunderstandings.

Misbehaving focuses on Beatriz who earns a living reviewing sex toys, books, and the like. Bea has to attend her foster sister’s wedding so she stuffs a book she needs to review into her bag: Sex Position Manual for Generation Y. Bea decides that she needs to go through the manual and looks for a willing partner.

Enter Ben – the man Bea threw herself at during college. Ben is also attending the wedding. There’s still an attraction between Bea and Ben and Bea convinces Ben to help her review the manual. What follows is some fun sexy times for Ben and Bea as they reconnect.

This short novella packs in a lot of stuff in about 100 pages. It’s full of funny lines, misunderstandings, and hilarious moments. I especially loved Keaton, a hotel employee with an understated sense of humor. For Original Sinners fans, there’s a little tiny link to that series. You’ll know it when you get to that part.

If you’ve been meaning to try out Ms. Reisz’s books, this is the perfect place to start and a nice introduction to her wonderful writing style.

Rating:  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠ 

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin for a review copy of this book.

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