New Release Review: Carnal Secrets by Suzanne Wright

11 Carnal SecretsCarnal Secrets by Suzanne Wright
Series: Phoenix Pack #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Feb 11, 2014
Audiobook narrated by Jill Redfield

Half-shifter Shaya Critchley may hold a submissive role in her pack, but she’s done taking orders. After her Alpha wolf mate refused to claim her—but committed to interfering in her life—she took off. Now she hides from him, posing as a human in a town full of anti-shifter extremist groups. She thinks he’ll never find her again, and that suits her just fine. But she’s wrong.

Nick Axton can barely control his feelings for Shaya, but he could never claim her—not if he truly cares for her. The degenerative brain condition he keeps secret would ultimately leave her with a burden rather than a mate. But when Shaya runs away, Nick can’t bear the thought of never seeing her again. After tracking her down, he discovers Shaya’s feisty and passionate side in the process…a side he’d never seen before.

Under the menacing gazes of territorial local packs and violent human extremists, Nick vows to finally claim the spirited Shaya…and despite her initial resistance, Shaya just might find his fiery determination to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

D.G.’s Rating: 2.5 skulls = C

I like sexy books in audio and that has been my main reason for listening to the Phoenix Pack series. I’ve pre-ordered all the audios and I usually start listening the day they come out. So imagine my dissapointment when it took half the book to get to the sexy parts! If the author had had some plot in mind, I wouldn’t have minded but half the book was spent on them waiting for something to happen. Carnal Secrets was just slow and boring.

Shaya’s true mate refused to claim her. She doesn’t know why but she thinks is because she’s a submissive and he’s an Alpha. She’s heartbroken and can’t allow him to interfere in her life anymore so she decides to skip town and go to a place where she thinks he’ll never find her. I was really excited about this premise – the conflict was something I’ve never seen before and I was wondering how the author was going to bridge this issue. However the great complication in their relationship went by the wayside in the prologue. All of a sudden, he didn’t want to be an Alpha! What followed was a very boring wooing with the hero trying to convince the heroine to trust him. They had no chemistry whatsoever and the sex was just a pale imitation of previous books. I really don’t know what the author was trying to accomplish with this.

Shaya’s “traumas” bordered on the ridiculous. A jerk betrayed her when she was 16 and she never got over it! Like she’s the only woman in the world to whom this have ever happened.  I expect a grown woman to have overcome any teenage issues (not counting really traumatic stuff like rape or abuse) and understand how she could have avoided them. When I was in a teenager, I got my heart broken but part of it was my fault because I refused to see the signs that he was seeing somebody else. It took me a while to figure that out, but I did and I was able to move on. I would have expected Shaya to do the same instead of using that failed relationship as a shield.

The extremist plot was caricaturish in the extreme and the Phoenix Pack added nothing whatsoever to the story. In fact, it made it worst because it took attention from the couple. AGAIN, we had to hear the interminable insults that Taryn throws at her grandmother in law (I mean, really, that’s getting really old) and pages and pages of people walking about and butting in. It seemed unbelievable the Phoenix Pack was outside their territory at a time when their freedom might be threatened. That’s just not good strategically.

If it gets really good reviews, I may read the next book in the series but I’m not pre-ordering them anymore.

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