Naked Edge, by Pamela Clare

I-Team Novel #4

4.5/5  I-Team Novel #4
What a great and riveting book. It felt authentic, Pamela Clare really did her research on Navajo and Indian Culture (I think!) Kat was a strong, virtuous, fierce, survivalist heroine. Gabe is a Hardened, adrenaline junkie who doesn’t believe in love, just sex. I thought the book was well written, interesting, and gut wrenching especially towards the end. I cried. The plot wasn’t all that complicated, but the whole book was interesting. So that made up for the lack of twists and turns… sometimes I don’t want a bazillion twists 😛

The epilogue was great, and I just want to commend P.Clare on her continued writing of breastfeeding, home-births, midwives and natural childbirth. It is a pleasure to read

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