Interview with Patricia Briggs Author of Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8) and Giveaway Too!

We have some fun stuff today.  First up is an interview with the amazing author Patricia Briggs!  Badass has been very night broken_front mech.inddfortunate to interview Patricia Briggs several years in a row.  Even though we ask her questions every year — we don’t run out of them! There is just something about reading a Patricia Briggs novel, it is comfort, pleasure and joy. They are funny, exciting and always push the storyline forward.  I have not been disappointed yet. You can read last year’s interview with Ms. Briggs and our interview with Ms. Briggs two years ago.   So you probably already know this but today is the release day of Night Broken, the 8th in the Mercy Thompson series.  This book is fantastic.  In my opinion, it may be the best Mercy book yet.  On Thursday, please join us because Badass will be reviewing Night Broken.  And because we want to share this amazing book, we are raffling off a one hardcover copy of Night Broken.  So if you want to win a copy your chances are good, so scroll down and play!

Below, Patty answers some questions I have been wanting to know for awhile.  First, some good news about future Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega books.  I love the covers for the Mercy Thompson books, but I had questions about the change in Mercy’s appearance over the years and for me, the difference between how she is represented on the pages and on the cover.  So I asked — and Patty answered.  Let me know what you think! Thank you Patty, your answers are amazing.

InterviewRegina: Welcome Patricia! We’re very excited to have you here with us at Badass Book Reviews Patricia Briggs!
Regina: You know I have to ask this, your fans all want to know (which includes me) – what projects are you working on? Do you have a plan for a future Alpha & Omega book? Mercy Thompson?

bioPhotoPatty: First of all, thank you for taking the time to interview me,  it’s always a pleasure to chat with thoughtful and passionate readers like yourselves.   Right now I’m just finishing up a few final edits on the short stories in “Shifting Shadows”, which is an anthology of short stories in Mercy’s world.   The problem with writing, like any art, is that it’s never done, just abandoned.   I thought I was all done with these stories, but I kept thinking of little changes that would make them better . . . and finally I decided to give them all one more pass.   It’s been sort of fun to do this last pass – I remember the stories when they were rough and had many passages that caused a reader to stumble.   This time they were fun to read, and told the stories I’d intended to tell.    Doubtless, with another month, I would find some small improvements still, but they’re ready, and I’m happy with them.

I’m just starting on another Alpha and Omega.  We’ve debated several titles, and agreed to continue the debate after the story has taken a more defined form.   I can’t say much about the story, other than we just spent a week at a big horse show, and I’m considering it research.   After this book is done, I’ve got another Mercy Thompson novel, and then I’ll need to negotiate another contract with my publisher.   I’d like to write a book about Moira and Tom (from the Strange Brew anthology).   One of the problems, however, with established series (and having three kids in college) is that the publisher may be far more willing to pay for books that they know will sell.   So, Frost Burnedfor now, I’m not sure what’s coming next.  I do not intend to stop writing either of my ongoing series unless I get tired of them, or get hit by a bus.  And I don’t intend to get hit by a bus.

Regina: I love the mythology in your books – the Fae, Coyote and then the mythology in Night Broken. What sort of research do you do to incorporate such rich backgrounds into your stories?

Patty: Thank you!   I’ve always loved mythology and fairy tales.   My mother was a librarian, and my older sister used to read fairy tales to me every night.

I have a pretty diverse collection of books on fairy tales, everything from Lang’s  “color” fairytales to scholarly works on legends of particular regions.   One of my favorite things about being a writer is that I can buy strange books and spend hours searching for legends both popular and obscure.   I can write the expenses off as research, and claim it’s work-related with a straight face – how cool is that?

Regina: So Tad really comes into his own in Night Broken. I would love to see him in a short story or in future Mercy books.  Do you have plans for Tad?

Patty: I do.  He is set to continue to be more of a main character in the next few books.  I also have Silver Bornea short story that I’m stuck in the middle of, because I had one story in mind—and Tad had another.  It will probably end up being two short stories eventually, but I stuck it on the back burner for a while to simmer.   I’ll pull it out in six months to a year and see what happens.

Regina: When I first read the summary for Night Broken I was scared and frustrated for Mercy. But you wrote theRiver Marked conflict between Adam’s first wife and Mercy so believably.  What more has to happen for the pack to fully accept Mercy or because of her nature will they always be at odds?

Patty: Strong characters have strong conflicts.  The women in the pack are all big personalities and so is Mercy.  The men of the pack are beginning to settle down and in Night Broken, Mercy gains an unexpected friend in the pack.  But I don’t ever see a day when the whole pack marches to Mercy’s drum, because that just doesn’t happen in real life.  They don’t march blindly to Adam’s drum either.  No group as big and diverse as the werewolf pack ever is supportive 100% of the time—and I figure the werewolf part just makes that worse.  I’m not saying that they won’t support Mercy when she needs them to, especially in front of their enemies.

Regina: Mercy is a character that I love. I. can read or listen to these books over and over again. One strong theme is that Mercy says she is not beautiful.  This does not diminish Adam’s attraction to her or Mercy’s confidence in herself. This reminds me of the heroine in Masques and Wolfsbane and her interaction with the hero. I gotta say this increases the appeal of Mercy to me. So many heroines in fantasy or urban fantasy or beautiful, which is fine. But it is not real. The covers for the Mercy series are gorgeous but so is the representation of mercy on the later (not earlier) covers.  I am curious if the image on the later books reflects your image of Mercy?

Patty: I started to write a quick reply, and then realized that I don’t have an easy answer to this Bone Crossedquestion.   Mercy, in my mind, is more about who she is than what she looks like.   When I started writing her I gave her just enough details so that others could sort of imagine her, but those details weren’t really part of my image of her.   Hmmm.  That’s confusing.  Try this, think about your very best friend.  What comes to mind?  Do you think of who they are, why you care for them and all the good times you’ve had or do you concentrate on how attractive they are? Mercy, for the first book at least, was just another imaginary friend I wrote about, and her looks weren’t that important.

Beauty, to me, is just a thing.  A part of a character that has been overdone by Hollywood and by Fairytales (as much as I love them) to the point of rendering that attribute a little boring in a book—where the reader can’t see them anyway.

Iron KissedDan dos Santos’s covers are amazing— I’ve always found his image of Mercy to be an everywoman kind of beauty.  We did have a little discussion with Dan in view of the . . . generous nature of Mercy’s assets (ahem) on the Night Broken cover.  Turns out that the model Dan has always used for Mercy has just had a baby…  That being said, Dan and the art director have had an ongoing discussion about whether Mercy should be sexy or more athletic.  I am deeply grateful that I have an artist and an art director who are both talented and smart.  I respect them both and am happy to entrust my books into their care.

Regina: Thank you for the world you created and your time with these questions. Your books bring so much joy and escape.

Patty: A book unread is only half done—thank you for reading the books and for taking the time to chat.

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Mercy Thompson Reading OrderBlood BoundMoon Called
1. Moon Called
2.  Blood Bound
3.  Iron Kissed
4.  Bone Crossed
5.  Silver Borne
6.  River Marked
7.  Frost Burned
8. Night Broken

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  5. I have loved Patricia Briggs since The Hobb’s Bargain. And then I discovered the Mercy Thompson series! Her colorful characters come to life and I am always excited to pick up one of her books.

  6. I would ask her which movie actor she sees as Adam.
    I like PB for bringing Adam into my life 😉

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I adore Patricia Briggs’ writing, but the Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series are my favorites. I really enjoy her take on urban fantasy and have gotten my Mom and some of my friends hooked on them as well! Most exciting day of 2014 for me so far: When I ran into someone who recognized my “Mercy’s Garage” Sweatshirt that my Mom gave me for Christmas! 😀

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  9. I really enjoy Briggs’s Mercy character, mostly because she usually finds her own way to make things right. It may not be the safest or most efficient route, but she does what she can. I wonder if Briggs gets exhausted from churning out books, though. I’d likely just ask her if she ever doodles as she works out her thoughts, and if she’d be willing to share a page of what her pen-on-paper looks like!

  10. I just finished Night Broken, while sitting at B&N, and was wondering about the abrupt ending and why there was no preview of the next book (not even a little blurb). I did hear she is writing an Alpha and Omega, so maybe that’s the reason .. But it was a little disappointing given the ending was a bit tense. A little info of how the characters fared would go a long way!!

  11. I love the series because there’s action and a touch of romance. The main characters are likable and there are lots of secondary characters which make the stories richer.

  12. From the first book I bought trudging through an airport on my way to a conference to the latest book I am a huge supporter of Patricia Briggs and all of her works. Just amazing. Love that author! My one question for Patricia Briggs is do you plan on any book tours on the East coast, down through the South too? Thanks!

  13. I would like to know more about Sianan. I’ve always loved the books, as they were my first Patricia Briggs books, and had a hard time finding Masques until it was rereleased some time ago. Or seeing more about Hob’s Bargain as I loved the Hob. Each and every book of hers had a great story, awesome characters that fit together even when they didn’t see it that way and I love rereading them.

  14. Such a wonderful interview! I’m so glad to hear that there is more coming from Tad. I’m 75% finished with Night Broken, so I don’t know if he does even more cool stuff at the end of the book, but the parts I have read were AWESOME. Also–I’m very glad that Ms. Briggs has no plans to get hit by a bus, LOL.
    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted..Review: The Shadow Prince by Bree DespainMy Profile

  15. Why I love Patricia Briggs? I love Patricia’s books because it’s definitely a fresh kind of storytellings to me & it’s awesome! Also love the humors throughout her books & the sarcastic ways of talking sometimes. She’s my new favorite author on my list,

  16. So excited that Night Broken is out,can’t wait to read it. I’ve been wondering why the pack likes Christie so much better than Mercy.

  17. One question: When or is the Alpha and Omega series going to be extended?
    Why I love Patricia Briggs: My mom ruined my love for reading. Came home one day to me reading on the couch and ripped the book out of my hand and told me that I read too much. My brother carries a book on him to this day, but I read too much 5 books into a 30 book series. I quit reading that day. It was difficult for me to even read a children’s book with 10 pages and 5 words per page. I came across Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega and absolutely fell in love with it! I paid kids in school to do my assignments that involved reading. It had been easily 15 years since I actually picked up a book, and finished it. Until I got my hands on Alpha and Omega! In 5 months time I’d read every book of hers I could find. I’m still looking to get the graphic novels. My Library doesn’t carry “comic books” as they put it. Took me 3 months to finish the first book, by the last book (Frost Burned) I finished it in 3 days. So, why I love Patricia Briggs; With out her novels, I don’t think I would have ever got back into reading again.
    Patricia, if you read this. I want to thank you with everything I am, for your novels. They’ve brought much joy into my dark life. I can’t thank you enough for your work.

  18. I really love the characters Patricia Briggs creates – they are real, they may not be perfect or the biggest or the best but they are strong and do their damndest to do the right thing, however difficult or unlikely that may be. They aren’t static but they grow and have messy relationships. They are immensely relatable. Even the not so nice ones. Plus, she tells great stories!!!

  19. Patricia Briggs is my favorite author, I’ve almost read all of her books and I can’t wait for the latest Mercy Thompson book!

  20. If i could ask Patricia any question i would ask her how she came up with the character Stefan. I find him very interesting. I love Patricia Briggs because she is a very talented writer. Most other books similar to the Mercy Thompson series tend to focus on teenage romance which is getting old really fast. With this series, i love how the main focus is how the main character overcomes all of these crazy obstacles while being a total badass.

  21. I would love to know why she decided to make Mercy a coyote and why she made the decision to have Mercy raised by werewolves. I love Patricia because her books are my favorites. They transport me into the world of Mercy perfectly! Love them so much!

  22. I love Patty’s books and Mercy inparticular because of the well thought out real details that Patty imparts to her character-her love of friends & family and dedication to them, her ability to overcome her fears and get the job done-even her unconventional 9-5 job. Love it all! Thanks Patty for your great imagination and you ability to hook us into your stories…

  23. Hi Patricia. I absolutely love your books and writing. Thank you so much for giving us your wonderful stories to enjoy. I am so glad I read Moon Called, because it changed my life!

  24. I love Patricia Brigg because she opened me up to the world of Mercy Thompson. This is one of the first paranormal series that got me hooked on this genre. Mercy is a strong, loving and lovable character. I am lucky that my local library buys the hardback books so I can read them as soon as possible ( I then wait till the paperback is available to buy it!).

  25. I was looking for something different and stumbled upon Moon Called at the library. I became a fan and look forward to every new release. My question would be; what are the names of her horses. 🙂 I know, not very original or book related.

  26. I’ve been a fan of Patty Briggs since The Hurog series and The Hob’s Bargain, so I’m a bit biased but you just can’t go wrong with her books! I love the Mercy Series and Alpha & Omega more with each story, so I’m tickled to be having another book coming out. Meanwhile, I do have one request on behalf of her male readers: give us some more “yummy” on the girls to match all the details on the guys! You do so well on the physical details of the male characters but tend to leave the females to character and attittude descriptors as you mentioned here. Some of us care about the girls as much as you girls care about the guys! 😉

    Anyway, love the well rounded characters, thorough and consistent worlds, and amazing development. Thanks for all the great times!

  27. I love this series so much! Patricia Briggs is just amazing! The way she’s able to make me believe EVERYTHING in her books, the situations involved. How I care for the characters so much! Ah, I adore it all and cannot wait to read Night Broken.

  28. I love that she writes realistic characters that you can relate to. With Mercy she isn’t perfect or extremely beautiful on the outside but rather has flaws and is a real woman with real problems. She gets jealous and vulnerable and her relationship with Adam isn’t perfect.
    This is one of my favorite series for those reasons, even though it’s paranormal it still feels real and every book always sucks me in.

  29. I love Patricia Briggs and her books because she writes amazing stories. Mercy Thompson was one of my first UF series!

  30. I have thoroughly enjoyed Mercy and all of her adventures. Patricia Briggs has created a world full of interesting and fascinating characters. Even though it is fantasy it is believable 🙂

  31. Thank you for this great interview. Mercy and A/O are my two of my three favorite UF series. I adore both Anna and Mercy because they are so totally relatable. They are never the strongest or most bad-ass person in the room, but they always seem to come out on top just by sheer determination and I love that. They are they epitome of what I like in a heroine and I just hope Patty doesn’t get tired of writing either of them any time soon. (Of course, Charles and Adam are both pretty yummy also).

  32. I don’t have any questions for her except to maybe see if she could clone herself so she could write double the amount of books and faster. 🙂 I love that Mrs. Briggs doesn’t emphasize the looks of her characters. I think society should too. And I love how realistic the conflicts are. I just love all her books!!! 🙂

  33. How many more books can we expect about Mercy? I love Patricia’s books, because she has strong, intelligent female characters, great alpha male heroes, and intriguing, exciting stories.

  34. I don’t have a question I’d ask Patty. I tend to prefer to let the books speak for themselves. What I would like, though, is to tell her how much her books have helped me. I have always had a problem with how people interact, why they do the things they do, and have always identified better with dogs. All of Patty’s books, from the first one I read (Hob’s Bargain) to the latest release, teach me a little more about why people act the way they do. By seeing inside Mercy’s head, who seems to be able to understand all the reasons behind others’ actions, I am not so lost in my own life. Understanding how the people in the book interact, and why, is a simple and easy way for me to understand how to wheedle out the reasoning in the real world. I know that they aren’t real people, that they only exist in the author and readers’ minds, but they are real to me and their interactions are a simple explanation for the complexities of real life.

    Basically, I want to say thank you. Because of your (Patty’s) writing, I understand people a little better and can relate to them more, allowing for me to be a better friend, and person in general.

  35. I don’t know whether my other post just didn’t go through, but I love Patricia Briggs and her world of Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega! I can’t wait to read Night Broken!

  36. Good interview. Interesting to learn about the model. I’m somehow still stuck on the image of Mercy lugging a (small werewolf?) over her shoulders from one of the rejected cover concepts for this book.
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy!

  37. I was introduced to these book by a friend who picked it up at B&N because of the interesting cover art. So glad he did because now I am hooked!!! How do you choose the names for characters? Are they names you know or do you research before deciding on a name based on the character’s attributes?

  38. I love love love these books! They have the perfect mix of supernatural characters, both serious and funny. I reread these all the time, they’re THAT good!

  39. I’m big fan of Patricia Briggs. I have read everything she’s written (that has been published, anyway) and have several favorites that I re-read at least once a year. Her world-building and characters are just incredible. The books are like old friends that I visit from time to time.

    A questions for Ms. Briggs:
    Do you foresee another book in the Masques/Wolfsbane series happening at some point?

  40. I would ask Mrs. Briggs what her favorite scene in any of the Mercy series is. My favorite reason I love these stories is that I can relate to the emotions felt.

  41. I love Patricia Briggs’ stories and so excited to read this new one! I think Mercy is a wonderful mix of sexy, athletic and everyday woman…loved the last story where she had to go shopping on Black Friday, lol! Thank you for the giveaway and a great interview!

    • I love Patricia Briggs story telling because even though its UF its much more realistic and grounded. While I love to read UF, Sci-Fi, and PNR, I still want it to be believable.

  42. I love Patricia Briggs because she is just a fantastic writer and storyteller. Her characters are strong and well-rounded; highly relatable and entertaining. Mercy Thompson is one of the few strong female leads I’ve read in today’s books and it’s refreshing too all this fluffy romance going around.

  43. I’m a big fan of the series… I love it because Mercy takes no prisoners and is so strong and independent minded. Even having a mate doesn’t change that…. Even being a Coyote in a wolf pack (these days) doesn’t change her. I’ve read all the books up to this one and would love to add this book to my burgeoning home library.
    Nora-Adrienne recently posted..Playing with Fire is One Hot ReadMy Profile

  44. Really disappointed the competition is only for the US. I’m in Australia and love Patricia Briggs books. Would have loved just a chance of winning. Oh well. Maybe you could have another comp for international fans another time 🙂