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Devil’s Isle caught our interest last year when the series launched with The Veil. We loved every breathtaking moment and couldn’t wait to read the The Sight. We’re excited to celebrate the release of this latest installment with an interview from Chloe Neill. We picked her brain trying to get as much information as possible about Claire and Liam! Be sure to read to the bottom of the post so you don’t miss out on two exciting giveaways!


BBR: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions today, Chloe! Can you start off by telling us about your newest series, Devil’s Isle?

Chloe: Thanks for having me! Claire is the heroine of the Devil’s Isle series, and she lives in a New Orleans that’s been ripped apart by a magical war.  Seven years ago, Paranormals came through the Veil that separated their world from ours. Magic was banned after the ensuing war, which makes Claire’s secret power very, very dangerous.

BBR: Which came first with this series? A particular character or the plot? Or did they double team you?

Chloe: The plot and the setting. I’d wanted to write a series about New Orleans with a gothic feel, and I was interested in the idea of a paranormal internment camp.  I put them together–with angels–and THE VEIL was the result!

BBR: Claire’s very level headed, and when she needs to be, a quick thinker. What do hope people will find most memorable about her character?

Chloe: Thank you! I hope they find something in her that they can relate to–someone they might hope to be when the chips are down.

BBR: Liam is a man of few words, the type of person who, when he speaks, people take notice. What do you think is the draw to strong, silent types?

Chloe: It’s that reserve of inner strength that’s appealing, I think. Liam doesn’t care about flash. He has the strength and smarts to take care of himself and those he cares about, and that sense comes through to the people who know him.

BBR: There are a lot of interesting characters in Devil’s Isle. Which one is your favorite to write?

Chloe: I really, really like writing Moses. He’s such an interesting character who has really tried to make the best of his situation. And I love his tough exterior and really sweet interior.

BBR: Can you share a bit about your writing process?

Chloe: Sure! I’m closer to the “plotter” end of the spectrum, and prepare a day-by-day outline for each book that gives me a roadmap for the scenes that will take place each day.  I write a certain amount each day, which is calculated so I can turn in the book on time.

BBR: Your beloved Chicagoland Vampire series is coming to a close soon. Was ending the series an emotional journey for you?

Chloe: I’m currently editing BLADE BOUND, which is the thirteenth and last Ethan and Merit novel. It has been a wonderful experience to wrap up some very important plotlines, and tie up the romantic threads woven in book twelve, MIDNIGHT MARKED.

But Chicagoland isn’t really coming to a close–because I’ll soon be working on the first in my new CV spinoff series, which readers are going to LOVE.

BBR: Can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on now?

Chloe: When BLADE BOUND is done, I’ll write PHANTOM KISS, an all-new Ethan and Merit novella that comes out in January 2017. Then it’s back to New Orleans, for the third Devil’s Isle book. And then it’s spinoff time!

BBR: Thank you so much for visiting Badass Book Reviews!

Chloe: Thanks for having me!

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The sightThe Sight by Chloe Neill
Book #2 in Devil’s Isle
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: August 16th, 2016
ARC Provided by Netgalley and NAL

Synopsis from Goodreads: The paranormal war that engulfed New Orleans seven years ago is over. But the battle for the city is just beginning . . .

Claire Connolly is a Sensitive, infected with magic when the Veil that divides humanity from the world beyond fell. Magic can easily consume and destroy a Sensitive, and if Claire’s secret is discovered she’ll be locked into the walled district of Devil’s Isle along with every other Paranormal left in the city.

Bounty hunter Liam Quinn discovered Claire’s secret, but refused to turn her in. Together they saved New Orleans from the resurgence of magic that nearly destroyed it. But now a dangerous cult is on the rise, and it will take both Claire and Liam—and magical allies within Devil’s Isle’s towering walls—to defeat the occult threat before magic corrupts them both…

Angie’s Review – 4.5 stars – A

If you’re just picking up this book, take a deep breath. Starting up from where The Veil left off, the author wastes no time tossing us right into the middle of the action that is Devil’s Isle. For that reason (and because it was a spectacular series starter,) I suggest not reading The Sight until you have read the first book in this series.

There was so much to love about this book:

  • Claire’s friends and their obvious matchmaking attempts with her and Liam were hilarious. Claire and Liam are able to take it all with a grain of salt and laugh along with them.
  • Malachi – oh, man. I loved Malachi. Up until now, Moses was my favorite para, but Malachi has him beat. There is a story there that I’m thirsting for, and I can’t wait to hear more of it.
  • The secondary characters, mainly Claire and Liam’s support systems. I love them all, even when they’re pissing me off. Tadji and Gavin are particular favorites, and I really want to favorite them together. Fingers crossed for a Tadji/Gavin hookup!
  • The way Claire’s magic is described is so interesting, and I love that the descriptions and force of her magic change with her moods.
  • There are some great one-liners in this story, and while the circumstances are intense in this book, the author manages to keep it light with witty dialogue and banter.
  • Liam is doing his best to combat his feelings for Claire, and he does a pretty decent jog of it. But I love that he can’t contain his jealousy or those possessive feelings! And oh, the tension. Loving all this tension!
  • Claire is level-headed. Yeah, she makes mistakes just like everyone else, but she learns from them. And she doesn’t pretend to be tougher than she is. That’s one of my favorite things about her. Take her or leave her, but she’s going to be who she is.
  • There was some headway made between the paras and humans in this one, and while it wasn’t a huge leap, it was realistic for the story line. I’m interested to see where it goes from here.

See? Lots to love about The Sight! But this book left me with one big question. Why couldn’t I have waited until book three was out to discover this series? Why? Why? Why? Now I have to wait an undetermined amount of time for the next one, and I have a feeling that wait is going to be excruciating. But if the next book is anything like this one, I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Series Reading Order
1. The Veil
2. The Sight

Thank you to NAL and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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