Jul 082012
Badass Stuff and Happenings July 8, 2012

Badass Stuff & Happenings Industry News** So coming off a week of listening to quite a few audio books, including one narrated by the author herself (Lacuna by Barbara Kingslover), I was interested in this article posted in the Huffington Post.  The author of the article asks, should authors narrate their own books?  Should writers narrate their own books?  Mr. Alderman starts off by describing the process of creating audio books, and for fans (obsessives?) of audio books like me, I found it interesting: being sequestered behind two tightly closed doors in a teeny-tiny room with no air conditioning — too noisy [ Read More of this Review ]

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May 202012
Badass Stuff and Happenings May 20, 2012

Badass Stuff & Happenings Industry News** Some exciting stuff happened in the past few weeks for authors!  Wool, a self published dysoptia series by Hugh Howey, has been picked up by 20th Century Fox.     In my opinion, this series is perfect for the big screen, I can perfectly imagine the cold sterileness of the Silo and the clank of residents moving up and down the staircase.  And if you are a fan of this fabulous series (like me!), you will be excited to know that Wool #6 was released last month. So a little late, but last week was mother’s day and [ Read More of this Review ]

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May 132012
Badass Stuff and Happenings May 13, 2012

Badass Stuff & Happenings Industry News Since Spring 2010 ebook readers have suffered under the so called Agency model, but what I liked to call the publisher price fixing model.   Recently, the US Department of Justice sued six publishers and Apple for conspiring to fix prices and Hachette and HarperCollins settled with the DOJ.  Apple, Penguin and Macmillan refused to settle and argue that it was necessary for them to join together in order to be able to compete against Apple.  Admittedly, Amazon dominates the book market and domination of any kind is worrisome.  But from my perspective as a [ Read More of this Review ]

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Apr 292012
Monthly Recap - April 2012

  Wow. Where did April go? Up in my part of the world – The Great White North – we had the strangest April ever. Hot and balmy early in the month with July-like weather and freezing cold with little tiny snowflakes for the end of the month. So how did we at Badass Book Reviews stay warm? We had plenty of great books to read. Rhiannon Frater joined us for a fantastic interview and giveaway. Congratulations to our winner – Deanna. Deanna won a copy of Seige. Congratulations to Megan who won a copy of Jenn Bennett’s Summoning the [ Read More of this Review ]

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Monthly Recap – March 2012

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Apr 012012
Monthly Recap - March 2012

  So many great book releases during the month of March! March has kept us all very busy. We were so excited to have Patricia Briggs, Suzanne Brockmann, Stacia Kane, and E.R. Pierce come by and visit our blog. In addition, we posted 19 reviews, 1 movie preview, and spotlighted the Jaz Parks series in “Sucker for Series.” We also introduced a new and very well-received feature “Hidden Gems” where we highlight indie writers and their books.   Patricia Briggs came by to talk about her newest book in the Alpha & Omega series Fair Game. We are big fans [ Read More of this Review ]

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Monthly Recap – February 2012

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Feb 292012
Monthly Recap - February 2012

February 2012   February, Valentine’s Day, Hearts, Flowers, and chocolate…February has been a busy month here at Badass Book Reviews. Just to give you an idea, we reviewed: 11 books 5 ARC books (Advance Reader Copies) Unveiled a cover for a new book series Reviewed a movie Had 2 AMAZING author interviews 3 Giveaways 1 Sucker for Series We also celebrated an important milestone for our blog  – Our 500th Google Friend Connect Follower. We were giddy with anticipation as the day approached. Then *pop* the virtual champagne was poured and over at Badass Book Reviews ultra modern offices, the [ Read More of this Review ]

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Monthly Recap – January 2012

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Feb 012012
Monthly Recap - January 2012

Where did the time go? January has been a busy month for Badass Book Reviews. We welcomed our newest reviewer, Regina. Regina has been contributing to the blog all month long and we are so happy she’s joined us. Take a peek over at the Google Friend Connect Widget (while it still works!). We’re getting really close to 500 followers! This is really exciting for us. Remember – Google Friend Connect will no longer work after March 1, 2012. Please make sure that you continue to follow us either by email or by RSS feed. http://feeds.feedburner.com/Badassbookreviews This month we reviewed [ Read More of this Review ]

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Jan 262012
Mrs. Badass Updates: Small, mini-reviews

  My life has been chaotic lately.  I’ve been neglecting reviews. I’ve pretty much turned the site over to Regina and AH for the time being. They are awesome. I decided to make a post about the books I’ve been reading lately. It’s not a formal review system, and will just be highlights. Nothing in depth. In the past month or so, I’ve read a lot of books. Some new, but most are comfort books. Books I know I love, enjoy, and make me laugh. I’ve re-read Ilona Andrews, Kate Daniels series. (I’ve lost track of the number of times [ Read More of this Review ]

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