Aug 112014
From Page to Screen: Outlander Episode 1

  Outlander on Starz: Episode 1     Regina: I admit to not being much of a TV watcher.  Books are my vice, when I have time away from my kids and work to do anything else.  I do watch a few shows, but mainly when I am working out.  So while I knew Outlander was being produced on Starz, I wasn’t focused on it or waiting for it.  Okay, well I have now watched the first episode twice — twice! It was amazing, perfect and well done.  The scenery is beautiful and lush; and the characters are just as Diana [ Read More of this Review ]

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Aug 092011
Discussion: Badass Heroines ~ Real Badass or Brawling Bitch?

Sorry WoW peeps, I put the wrong link in: WoW is here The Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Futuristic, Sci-Fi = Totally awesome Badass Females   What makes a heroine a genuine–bonafide– Badass vs just a Bitch or a teenybopper badass? Erika: She has to have attitude, like AH says, and she has to have a style. My fictional Badass Heroine has to have snark, be humorous, and be a hardass. She has to kick ass first, apologize later. She has to not let a man dictate her decisions, and she has to be her own person and follow her own code [ Read More of this Review ]

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