Feb 112015
New Release Review: Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells

Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells Book #3 in Prospero’s War Genres: Urban Fantasy Publication Date: February 10th 2015 ARC Provided by Orbit and Netgalley Synopsis from Goodreads: After the grisly murder of a dirty magic coven leader, Kate Prospero and The Magical Enforcement Agency team up with the local police to find the killer. But as the infighting between covens turns ugly, an all-out war brews in the slums of Babylon. When a tenacious reporter sticks her nose in both the investigation and Prospero’s past in the covens, old ghosts resurface. The team will have to use all the weapons in [ Read More of this Review ]

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Aug 142014
New Release Group Review: Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells

Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells Book #2 in Prospero’s War Genres: Urban Fantasy Publication Date: August 12th 2014 ARC Provided by Netgalley and Orbit Synopsis from Goodreads: When a rare Blue Moon upsets the magical balance in the city, Detective Kate Prospero and her Magical Enforcement colleagues pitch in to help Babylon PD keep the peace. Between potions going haywire and everyone’s emotions running high, every cop in the city is on edge. But the moon’s impact is especially strong for Kate who’s wrestling with guilt over falling off the magic wagon. After a rogue wizard steals dangerous potions from the local [ Read More of this Review ]

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Jan 152014
Genre Book Showdown: Jaye Wells' Dirty Magic vs Lisa Shearin's The Grendel Affair

Jaye Wells and Lisa Shearin are both starting new series that I was very excited to read based on how much I loved their previous books.  Jaye’s Sabina Kane series and Lisa’s Raine Benares series are some of my favorite reads and I couldn’t wait to see what each had up their sleeve this time.  Today, Jaye’s first book in her Prospero’s War series, Dirty Magic, goes head-to-head with the first book in Lisa’s new SPI Files, The Grendel Affair.  Keep reading to see which one wins in the Genre Book Showdown!   The Contenders: Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells Book #1 in [ Read More of this Review ]

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Aug 272013
Novella Reviews: Five Stories From Some Favorite Authors

Grimoire of the Lamb by Kevin Hearne Book #0.4 in the Iron Druid Chronicles Genre: Urban Fantasy Publication Date: May 7th 2013 E-Book Purchased from Amazon.com Synopsis from Goodreads: There’s nothing like an impromptu holiday to explore the birthplace of modern civilisation, but when Atticus and Oberon pursue a book-stealing Egyptian wizard – with a penchant for lamb – to the land of the pharaohs, they find themselves in hot, crocodile-infested water. The trip takes an even nastier turn when they discover the true nature of the nefarious plot they’ve been drawn into. On the wrong side of the vengeful [ Read More of this Review ]

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Jul 052013
Early Review: Carniepunk by Rachel Caine and multiple authors

Carniepunk by Rachel Caine and multiple authors* *see full list at the end of this post* Book provided by Edelweiss and Simon & Schuster Gallery Books Release date: July 23, 2013 Genre: Anthology of short stories about carnivals Synopsis from Goodreads: A star-studded urban fantasy anthology featuring bestselling authors Rachel Caine, Rob Thurman, Seanan McGuire, Jennifer Estep, and Kevin Hearne, whose stories explore the creepy, mysterious, and, yes, sometimes magical world of traveling carnivals. The traveling carnival is a leftover of a bygone era, a curiosity lurking on the outskirts of town. It is a place of contradictions—the bright lights [ Read More of this Review ]

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May 282012
ARC Review and Giveaway: Blue-Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells

Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells Series finale (book 5) in Sabina Kane Series Release date: June 1, 2012 Received from NetGalley and Orbit   [box color=blue]Synopsis from Goodreads: The epic conclusion to the amazing Sabina Kane urban fantasy series. Sabina Kane is on the hunt. Her prey: Cain, the father of the vampire race and the one who murdered her family and her friends. Unfortunately, Cain is hunting Sabina, too. The one man who holds the key to defeating Cain is, of course, Abel. A mage with secrets to spare and, hopefully, the power to match it. Unfortunately, for Sabina, [ Read More of this Review ]

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Dec 192011
ARC Review: Silver Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells

 Silver Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells Book 4 in the Sabina Kane Series Book received from Netgalley and Hachette Book Group Release date: January 1, 2012 [box] Note: I am not including the synopsis from Goodreads because it contains spoilers from Green Eyed Demon. [/box]       AH’s Review – C+ Silver Tongued Devil starts immediately after the events of Green Eyed Demon. Sabina, Adam, and Gighul are back in New York City. Sabina is still reeling from her previous adventures when some grisly murders are discovered. There is so much to like about this series. The world created [ Read More of this Review ]

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Dec 072011
Review: The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells

    The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells Book 2 of Sabina Kane series Book purchased from Borders [boxcolor=grey] Synopsis from Goodreads: Sabina Kane doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to family. After all, her own grandmother, leader of the vampire race, wants her dead. So when she arrives in New York to meet her mage relatives, the reunion puts the fun in dysfunctional. Not only is mage culture completely bizarre, but everyone seems to think she’s some kind of ‘Chosen’ who’ll unite the dark races. Sabina doesn’t care who chose her, she’s not into destiny. [ Read More of this Review ]

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Nov 092011
Review:  Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

     Red Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells Sabina Kane Book One Purchased from: a great little used book sale at Stowe, VT [box type=”bio”] Synopsis from Goodreads: In a world where being of mixed-blood is a major liability, Sabina Kane has the only profession fit for an outcast: assassin. But, her latest mission threatens the fragile peace between the vampire and mage races and Sabina must scramble to figure out which side she’s on. She’s never brought her work home with her—until now. This time, it’s personal. [/box]   AH’s Review Grade: 3.5  or B I’m always fascinated by [ Read More of this Review ]

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