Blog Intent and Review Policies

Why We Run Badass Book Reviews

Hello blog readers!

This is a personal book review blog meaning we do not get paid. The entries here are our opinions on the books we read. We read for pleasure, escaping kids, and for fun. We blog because it’s interesting and gives us something to do and share with other like-minded readers.

We reviewed both published and early (ARC) releases. We receive most of our ARC books from Netgalley, Edelweiss, and from authors and publishers requests. For published books, we mainly purchase them ourselves or borrow them from the library.

Feel free to start discussions on reviews and posts, but please remember that we are human and that these are our opinions. You are entitled to your opinions too; let’s just remember to be civil if we disagree!

Badass Book Reviews is an honest review site, We do try to be respectful, but if we don’t like a book, or parts of a book, we will say it. Please don’t send us hate mail if we post a negative review of your book. If you are an author reading a review about your book, please know that opinions expressed are not about YOU personally. They are about your novel. We try very hard to be honest in our reviews, but also respectful of the craft. If you have any issue with anything we post, please contact us using this form.



Review Policy

Badass Book Reviews accepts review requests in many different genres and we accept requests from both large and small publishing houses. We are not currently accepting self-published books at this time unless we have a pre-established relationship with the author or publicist or we have previously reviewed other books by the author. While we accept paperback and hardback copies, we prefer to read in E-Format.

We try to keep our reading lists balanced since we do this in our free time, so please don’t be offended if we decline to review your book. Due to the amount of review requests we receive, we cannot answer each request individually. We will contact you if we have an interest in your book.

If you would like to submit a review request, please contact us using this form. If you want to request a specific reviewer, please read the prefered genres below to be sure your book matches the reviewer’s interests.

AH: AH prefers reading paranormal romance, urban fantasy, dystopian, and steampunk books. She will also review historical romance and YA novels on occassion.

Christal: Christal prefers reading urban fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, epic fantasy, paranormal romance, dark fantasy, steampunk, contemporary romance, and speculative fiction. She will review both YA/NA and adult novels.

DG: DG is not accepting review requests at this time.

Regina: Regina is not accepting review requests at this time.

Wendy: Wendy prefers reading romance, both historical and contemporary, paranormal, and contemporary fiction.  She will review both YA and adult novels.

Angie: Angie is not accepting review requests at this time.




Rating System

Rating 5 – Completely awesome! We loved it and its going on our favorites shelf. Buy this book now.

Rating 4 – Very good! We enjoyed it and would recommend it. Definitely worth a purchase.

Rating 3 – Good. An enjoyable read, but did have some flaws. Not everyone will love it. Read other reviews or an excerpt before buying.

Rating 2 – Just OK. It had some major flaws but still kept us reading. Don’t spend money on this one, but maybe check it out from the library.

Rating 1 – Poor. This book had major flaws and we cannot in good faith recommend it.

DNF – Did Not Finish. We rarely abandon books but when we do DNF, we’ll let you know why.