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Somebody Killed his Editor6542216 by Josh Lanyon 
Genre: M/M Mystery Romance
Publication Date: June 16, 2009
Publisher: Samhain Publishing LTD

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The road back to bestsellerdom can be deadly.

Thanks to an elderly spinster sleuth and her ingenious cat, Christopher Holmes has enjoyed a celebrated career as a bestselling mystery writer. Until now. Sales are down and his new editor is allergic to geriatric gumshoes.

On the advice of his agent, he reinvents his fortyish, frumpy, recently dumped self into the sleek, sexy image of a literary lion, and heads for a Northern California writers conference to try and resurrect his career. A career nearly as dead as the body he stumbles over in the woods.

In a weirdly déjà vu replay of one of his own novels, he finds himself stranded in an isolated lodge full of frightened women—and not a lawman in sight. Except for J.X. Moriarity, former cop and bestselling novelist. The man with whom he shared a one-night stand—okay, maybe three—long ago. The man who wants to arrest him for murder.

A ruthless, stalking killer, or a hot, handsome ex-lover. Which poses the greater danger? It’s elementary, my dear Holmes!

Wendy’s Review: 4.5 Skulls – B+

Ugh, I hate that cover.  I hate it so much that when I was writing and setting up this review I went back to see if there was an alternate cover to choose.  I hate the idea that readers are going to make the same mistake I did by passing up this book only because the cover is so cheesy.  Please don’t.  Please, if you read M/M books, ignore the oddly blurred, poorly photoshopped, image of bare chesty men and pick this one up.  It’s actually really really good!

First of all, it’s hilarious.  Christopher Holmes is so funny.  He’s sarcastic and snarky; he’s full of quick one liners in response to the people he interacted with, but also about himself.  What was even better was that he wasn’t funny to the point where it felt unrealistic.  His balance of wit and vulnerability was perfect.  The author made sure that we as the reader understood that Holmes is an unhappy 39 years old.  He’s a bit out of shape and reclusive.  His life hasn’t been great.  Yet we get all that information in a way that is full of humor and you, or me since I’m also an introvert and a bit reclusive, found him easy to relate to.  I like him.   (I was reminded of Vic Bayne from Psycop, not because their idiosyncrasies are the same, but because of the self-deprecating humor they have about themselves.)

Then add JX Moriarity.  (MoriarIty not Moriarty, which Christopher points out when people make Sherlock jokes.)  Even at the end of Somebody Killed His Editor JX still a bit of a mystery, but what we did get of him was intriguing and hot.  It’s obvious that even though their weekend all those years ago didn’t end well there is still something between them.  Solid JX gets exasperated dealing with flighty Christopher, or Kit as JX calls him, and Christopher hates how JX immediately tries to take control of everything.  They rub each other the wrong way, and yet obviously still know how to push each others buttons emotionally and sexually.  Great chemistry.

Also, I’d like to add that while this was M/M and there was definitely a romance there (obviously) it wasn’t overwhelming.  Unless I’m seriously in the mood, or if it’s a specific author, I prefer my books to be strong in plot and characterization and not overwhelmingly heavy on the sex.  (I’m not a prude, I like a good sex scene.  I just get sick of sex in every chapter.)  If a book has a LOT of sex then the characters at least had better be amazingly well done.  Anyway, this book had strong characters and good pacing between Kit and JX, especially because they have a history, without smothering you with constant sex.  It was about their emotional connection more than the physical one.

Lastly, the mystery!  Do you ever, or did you ever, watch those older detective shows?  Like Murder She Wrote or Perry Mason?  I did.  My Grandma is a huge Murder She Wrote fan.  She’s seen them all a million times and still has her DVR set to record every episode that plays.  Somebody Killed His Editor had that same ‘old school mystery show’ feel to it.  Cozy mystery writer goes on retreat for authors and unexpected murders happen.  He moves around the players asking questions without interrogating, more casual, and we get that whole Clue feel to it.  ‘It was Ms Scarlett, in the Library, with the revolver!’  And still, despite that kind of silly set up, I found myself getting a little bit freaked out reading it in the dark.  It definitely raised my hackles.BaBR Hidden Gem

Somebody Killed His Editor touched on all of the keys to a successful story.  It had funny and interesting characters.  It had a romance that made you get a little smile and covet the small moments between them.  It had a pretty decent throwback mystery series.

Honestly, the only reason I held back and give it four and a half stars is because I’ve got to give myself room to score up!  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all informed on the progress of each installment!  🙂

So, in closing, please ignore the cover and delve into this book based off the synopsis and this review.  It was worth it.  You all deserve to know about this hidden gem.

Rating: ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  1/2

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