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ArmchairBEA 2014Welcome! This is our 3rd year participating in Armchair BEA so we may be familiar to some of you. To those of you who don’t know us, we’re AH, Angie, Christal, D.G., Regina and Wendy, six reading-obsessed women from all over the US (and one in Canada). We read from many, many different genres,  such as Urban Fantasy, Romance (all sub-genres), Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction and more (I know I’m probably missing a few genres.)  Although some of us still love the feeling of a real book in our hands – see the picture of Christal’s bookshelf below – we’ve pretty much gone to the dark side: we read mostly in digital formats, either ebooks or audiobooks.

Meet Us: You can meet all of us in the About Us page of our blog.

We love blogging because…we love reading, sharing our opinion about books and discovering new authors. Oh and having access to Advanced Reading Copies, of course! One of the great things about blogging as a group is that we add variety, not just in the types of books we review but in tastes as well. Also, it’s great to have a close knit group of friends to discuss books!

Top book in our TBR Piles
becoming steve jobstrailer park faeAttachments End of Daysproven guilty

Book we’re most looking forward to this summer
The Memory of Aftertremaine's true lovedelicate monstersArmadaMagic Shiftsthe rest of us just live here

Picture of Christal’s bookshelf (yes, those are replicas of the lanterns from the Green and Star Sapphire Lantern Corps from DC comics)
christal's bookshelf

Thanks for visiting our blog. Now tell us in the comments which books you are looking forward to reading this summer!

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