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24 PrototypePrototype by M.D. Waters
#2 in Archetype

Genres: Science Fiction
Publication Date: July 24th 2014
ARC Provided by Netgalley and Dutton Adult

Synopsis from Goodreads: The stunning debut that began with Archetype— and has readers buzzing—concludes in Prototype, when a woman’s dual pasts lock onto a collision course, threatening her present and future.

Emma looks forward to the day when she can let go of her past—both of them. After more than a year on the run, with clues to her parents’ whereabouts within her grasp, she may finally find a place to settle down. Start a new life. Maybe even create new memories with a new family.

But the past rises to haunt her and to make sure there’s nowhere on the planet she can hide. Declan Burke wants his wife back, and with a little manipulation and a lot of reward money, he’s got the entire world on his side. Except for the one man she dreads confronting the most: Noah Tucker.

Emma returns to face what she’s done but finds that the past isn’t the problem. It’s the present—and the future it represents. Noah has moved on and another woman is raising their daughter.

In the shocking conclusion to M.D. Waters’s spectacular debut, Emma battles for her life and her freedom, tearing down walls and ripping off masks to reveal the truth. She’s decided to play their game and prove she isn’t the woman they thought she was. Even if it means she winds up dead. Or worse, reborn.

Christal’s Review - 4.5 Skulls – A

Warning: This review may contain spoilers for the first book in this series, Archetype.

Prototype was an amazing sequel and I loved how it wrapped up everything in the Archetype duology.  There were some very surprising aspects in this entry, some I saw coming and some I was completely blindsided by.  I loved the action, the romance, the science, and the characters.  M.D. Waters has written a phenomenal set of books and I highly recommend them to science fiction readers looking for a unique story with a hint of romance.

In Archetype, we met Emma and learned that she was a clone created after her host dies.  She was taken in by Declan, her husband by law, but soon learned she was actually a member of the resistance and truly married to Noah, the love of her life.  Emma 2.0, as she is referred to in Prototype, understandably has a difficult time reconciling herself with the idea that she is just a copy.  She can’t be the “real” Emma and, after learning the truth about Declan and the cloning process, she decides to leave Noah to try to find her parents, find herself.  Prototype picks up a year after Emma left.  I do not recommend reading this installment without first having read Archetype.  M.D. Waters does a fantastic job of providing refresher information without it feeling shoe-horned in, but you will miss all of Emma’s personal struggles and true feelings towards everything that has happened to her if you skip the first book.

In Prototype, Emma has not been successful in finding her parents and unexpected circumstances finally force her to return to the resistance camp and, more specifically, to Noah and Adrienne.  We see more of the internal struggle Emma faces about wanting to be with Noah, but knowing she is not his Emma.  She wants him to love her for her, not because she wears the same face as his dead wife.  Emma also has to adapt to being around her daughter who she loves instantly.  She wants to be a mother to her, but she’s not sure how or even if she has the right.  Externally, Emma is still being hunted by Declan, who she suspects is now also a clone, and she continues to search for her parents.  On top of everything, the original clones have started dying and no one can seem to figure out why.  As Emma’s nightmares become harder and harder for her to wake from, she begins to wonder if they are actually death coming for her too…

I absolutely adore Emma.  I think she is a wonderful, sympathetic character and even when she is making stupid decisions, I still just want to hug her.  She has almost no memories of her life before, but the people around her remember and of course they have expectations.  I really connected with Emma’s struggle to be her own person in the face of those expectations and just wanted her to have the opportunity to live her life.  Everyone around her was trying to guide her or control her, but she could take care of herself – thank you very much.  In Prototype, we get to see her make friends and experience real love — she gets to be a mother.  These relationships are hers, not Emma 1.0′s, but real relationships based on others accepting her as a clean slate.

Prototype also deals with the complicated feelings between Emma and Noah.  While everything ends in a very satisfying way, I just wanted them to get there quicker.  I know, I know, there were plenty of people and issues keeping them apart, but it was obvious to anyone with eyes that they should be together.  Noah might have had a hard time accepting Emma 2.0 as Emma or even as her own person in the first book, but here he has come to realize how wonderful she truly is and to cherish her in a different way than he did his first wife because they are different people.

There are also some fantastic new characters in Prototype.  We still have sweet, loyal Foster and nasty Dr. Sonya, but we also add some new soldiers and even a new doctor to the equation.  My favorite new characters were Leigh and Miles, two soldiers who Emma befriends.  Emma 1.0 apparently couldn’t stand them, but Emma 2.0 forms a deep friendship with each of them.  Leigh was a needed confidant for Emma and Miles helped Emma search for her family, all the while keeping her spirits up with his inappropriate humor.  Dr. Malcolm is a new geneticist brought to the resistance to help them study the cloning process.  He’s a little quirky and childlike in his unwavering trust, but he was dedicated to help Emma and all the other clones in the process.  The last two characters I really enjoyed were only around for a short snippet, but I could see them becoming a part of Emma’s family in the future.  Peter was a former resistance fighter that opened his home to Emma during her year on the run.  He never asked anything of her or tried to pressure her into anything, he was just simply content to be her friend.  The other character, Colonel Updike, had a very close relationship with Emma 1.0 but, unfortunately, Emma 2.0 can’t remember him.  Even though they have to start over, it is obvious that he cares for her just as much as he did her host and may become something of a father figure to Emma.  Most of the other characters we meet are rather mean to Emma, but we do solve the mystery of her parents.  I have to say I was surprised by the reveal, even though I should have seen it coming.  I think it worked well within the context of the story and I think M.D. Waters left things with them on a hopeful note.

While the majority of Prototype is devoted to Emma and her more personal, pressing issues, it does still tackle the cloning process and the way women and girls are treated in general.  Strides are made for clone rights and the entire program itself comes under scrutiny.  The Women Training Centers (WTC) are looked at more closely and decisions about their futures are made.  While there were no complete 180° turns made, the first steps to women’s freedom in the East look possible.  I would love to follow this society as it continues to develop and change.

Prototype and its predecessor Archetype are definitely on my favorite books of 2014 list.  The plots are complex, the characters are lovingly flawed, the politics are dastardly, and the science is interesting.  While I am happy for Emma and the way her story ended, I would very much enjoy returning to this world in the future if M.D. Waters decides to make another trip.  Again, I highly recommend these book to science fiction readers or really anyone looking for a compelling and complex look into one woman’s journey through an unfamiliar and unwelcoming world.

Thank you to Netgalley and Dutton Adult for providing an ARC copy of this book!

Rating: ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  ☠  + ½

Series Reading Order:
1.1. Archetype
1.5. Antitype
1.2. Prototype
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Jul 212014
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Steals & Deals: Kate Daniels Series for $1.99 each! (Just today 7/20/14)

Just for today, the Kate Daniels series is on sale for Kindle – get all the ebooks for $1.99 each. If you are an audiobook fan, you can get Renee Raudman’s amazing narration for an additional $1.99 each ($3.49 for Magic Rises), thanks to the magic of the Whispersync discount. It’s an amazing bargain so now you have no excuse to start the series!  Magic Bites – Book 1 | Kindle $1.99 + $1.99 for Audiobook When the magic is up, rogue mages cast their spells and monsters appear, while guns refuse to fire and cars fail to start. But [ Read More of this Review ]

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Jul 172014
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Jul 162014
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Jul 152014
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Jul 112014
New Release Review: The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson

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Jul 112014
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Jul 102014
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Jul 092014
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Jul 082014
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Jul 082014
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Jul 072014
7 Books Everybody Loved Except Me

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Jul 042014
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Jul 032014
Group Review: The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

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Jul 022014
New Release Review: On The Fence by Kasie West

On The Fence by Kasie West Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance Publication Date: July 1st 2014 ARC Provided by HarperTeen and Edelweiss Synopsis from Goodreads: She’s a tomboy. He’s the boy next door… Charlie Reynolds can outrun, outscore, and outwit every boy she knows. But when it comes to being a girl, Charlie doesn’t know the first thing about anything. So when she starts working at a chichi boutique to pay off a speeding ticket, she finds herself in a strange new world. To cope with the stress of her new reality, Charlie takes to spending nights chatting with her neighbor Braden through the [ Read More of this Review ]

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Jul 012014
Spotlight on July's New Releases

Welcome to our monthly feature where we take a look at the books releasing in July and offer up our top picks. We have chosen 30 of our most anticipated new releases. The release dates are on a best known basis and are not guaranteed. Books may get delayed or sometimes even released earlier so please check with your favorite store to ensure availability. Now, on to the books!        On The Fence by Kasie West – Expected publication: July 1st 2014 by HarperTeen Fireborn by Keri Arthur (#1 in Souls of Fire) – Expected publication: July 1st 2014 by [ Read More of this Review ]

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Jun 302014
New Release Review: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling

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